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DynamicWeb Plug-In Unit Test and Debugging Page in Business Central


Last week I posted an article on using Postman for testing the Plug-In Unit, but then got to thinking, if you're not already using Postman, there is a learning curve before you can apply this in your daily work, and maybe you only want to use Postman for your current project.

So, I decided to wrap up a simple page to do the testing og the Plug-In Unit inside Business Central. It allows you to enter the request XML for e.g. a price look-up, send it to the Plug-In Unit and review the response XML, and also to do debugging of your extension in Visual Studio Code. The only thing missing here compared to the full live integration experience is the HTTP transport.

I included links in the documentation to the live integration requests and the NAV / Business Central batch request.

You can include this in your project or deploy it as is.

Suggestions are more than welcome :-)



Lars Hejgaard Sørensen
Lars Hejgaard Sørensen
Dynamicweb Software A/S
06 May 2024 at 08:47

This is now included in the standard codeunit, just search for "DynamicWeb Plug-In Unit Test Tool".


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