Managing discounts

Business Central provides an extensive toolset for setting up various types of discounts – be it general item discounts or unique discounts catered to specific customer contacts within an organization.

Whatever the target, discounts can be a fantastic way of enticing more sales and activity around your ecommerce site. With an integration between Business Central and Dynamicweb in place, discounts are automatically transferred and applied to the products in the ecommerce according to the rulesets you applied.

This means that, for instance, although a customer contact may be eligible for three or more discounts, only the discount that takes precedence according to the rules in BC is showcased. A contact may also be eligible for several discounts at once – the price calculation of several discounts relative to the original price is automatically transferred and showcased to the customer the moment the item is placed in the basket.

The following chapter will show you how a general discount is set up and instantly integrated into Dynamicweb ecommerce, and how a customer specific discount takes precedence when the contact logs in to the solution.