Placing an order

So far, this guide has looked at how data is integrated from Business Central into your ecommerce powered by Dynamicweb.

The next step is to take a look at what happens when a customer decides to buy an item that you placed in the ecommerce shop. Luckily, the transfer of data from Business Central to Dynamicweb functions just as smoothly the other way around with an integration in place.

As you will see in this chapter, Dynamicweb offers various sales order functionalities that are usable in a range of scenarios out of the box. What this gives you is the insurance that you can focus primarily on handling the increasing number of sales orders coming through your ecommerce into BC – because the ecommerce functionalities needed are already in place from the start.

This also means you no longer have to sit and create sales orders manually when a customer gets in touch. As you’ll see, with everything being handled digitally, all the details regarding an order is automatically placed in Business Central for you to simply review and process.

A selection of some of the different order types can be seen in the screenshot below.