Sales orders

Sales orders are handled in the ‘sales orders’ area in Business Central. To access this area, press the ‘sales’ dropdown in Business Central and click the Sales Orders link.

In the Sales Orders area, you will see a complete list of the direct orders completed through your ecommerce shop from all your customers.

In this area you can of course filter and search through the orders to get a better overview. This is especially relevant if you have selling agents in charge of specific customers or even specific customer contacts. To filter orders from the customer we created earlier, search for ‘Odense Koncern’ in the search field.

In this view we see two sales orders from the customer Odense Koncern. This is a direct result of the integration between your Business Central solution and the ecommerce powered by Dynamicweb – all orders performed in the ecommerce are immediately transferred to Business Central where you can handle them.

Access one of your orders by pressing the number of the order you want to access.

In this view you can review information regarding the specific sales order you accessed, for instance the specific customer contact who made the order, the specific items ordered, the quantity, shipping info, and more.

Because most of the necessary information is pre-filled your primary task to assign the number of ordered items to be shipped and invoiced.

Once this information has been applied you are ready to post and send the order.

When the order is posted you will be able to download the order confirmation with all the relevant data included. See below.