Sales invoices

You can also decide to invoice an order coming from your Dynamicweb ecommerce shop. To do so, follow the steps taken in chapter 7.1 to access the order.

In the order line field you must declare the quantity to be invoiced – this number depends on the quantity of items ordered that you are shipping which you want to invoice.

After posting the order, the shipped and invoiced order can be found in the Posted Sales Invoices area.

Of course, due to the integration between your Business Central solution and Dynamicweb, when orders are handled in BC that data also becomes available to the customer in their personal area in the Dynamicweb customer center.

Invoicing part of a sales order

Sometimes you are only able to invoice part of an order. This can happen when a customer makes an order that exceeds your inventory capacity, or their credit worth only allows purchasing part of the order.

Luckily, you can easily decide to invoice only part of an order coming from Dynamicweb ecommerce.

After accessing the order, in the order line field you can designate a quantity to ship and quantity to invoice that is lower than the quantity ordered.

In this way you can split an order into several invoices.

After posting the order, we see that the amount shipped has now changed to 4 out of a quantity of 5.

Meanwhile, in the Posted Sales Invoices area we can find two invoices relating to the same order. This is because we have posted a quantity of 2 items twice from an order of 5 items. In this way it is possible to split one order from Dynamicweb ecommerce into several invoices.