Credit memos

Sometimes a customer wants or needs to return an item you shipped. This can happen for a multitude of reasons; the important thing is that when you manage the return order in Business Central the information is also published in the customer’s customer center for review.

To return an order in Business Central you must access the Sales Credit Memos area.

Here you can essentially set up a sales order, but instead of shipping items you will be creating a sales return memo to your customer. Add information to the memo such as the customer name and contact, the specific items to be returned and the quantity.

When the relevant information regarding the credit memo has been filled, you can post the return just as you would post and send a sales order. You can find the posted sales credit memo under Posted sales credit memos.

This information is also transferred to your Dynamicweb ecommerce where the customer can access the credit memo in the customer center.

Simply log in to the solution, and in the My Orders section of the personal area find credit notes.