DW Academy Master Classes

The Master Classes - is the extended DW academy courses wher we dive deeper into specific areas in the DynamicWeb implementation.
The 1-day courses will be ready from early 2023 and using Dynamicweb 10 we will offer the following courses:
PIM Master Class · Advanced queries
· Translations
· Personalization
· Field types
· Feeds (Repository queries, XSLT / C#)
· Auto check-in assets
· Auto assign product categories
· Data integrations (IceCat, GS1 GDSN, Channable)
· Ecommerce & DynamicWeb providers (import / export of groups, related products, variants)
Frontend, configuration Master Class · Advanced facets
· Apps (Forms, Data lists, etc.)
· SEO, GDPR & Accessibility
· Analytics and Personalized content
· Marketing automation, smart searches & user profiles
· Leveraging dashboards
Frontend, developer Master Class · Customized items and templates
· Headless approach, using JS frameworks (Web / Management API)
· Adjusting ecommerce flow and ecommerce admin (custom templates)
Backend Master Class · Deployment and code versioning (GitHub, DevOps)
· Application lifecycle (context)
· Using Item Field Editors
· Database interaction
· Monitoring, logging
· Cache management
· Handling Dynamicweb updates
· Debugging
· Payment and shipping providers
Integration Master Class · OData
· Web / Management RESTful Web API
· Extending MS Dynamics BC plug-in
· Live integration notification subscribers
· Approaches for two-way BC integration (import orders / export users)
· Dynamics 365 CRM integration
· Custom connectors