DynamicWeb Academy

DynamicWeb Academy is your resource for training implementation specialist within your own organisation, and enabling you developers and consultants to perform DynamicWeb implementations - and pass the DynamicWeb certifications.

DW Academy is a series of courses split into our 2 day standard sessions:

These sessions will be arranged in sequence, so that is will be possible to attend a 4 day training course and achieve a high level of learning during the four days.

Each session for DW Academy costs €672 / DKK 5.000 per person, or if you prefer to participate all 4 days the price is €1344 / DKK 10.000 per person.
Accomodation and meals are included during the academy sessions - or you can deselect this and just attend the day courses (request special price if so).

Download our DW Academy Brochure.

See our Custom Training page for special tailoring of course - especially for your requirements.

  • In addition to the standard sessions - more specialised 1-day courses are available under our Master Classes.

Currently planned DW Academy dates - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or ask your Partner Account Manager for further information.

Date Sessions Version of DW Location
6-7/2/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift NL
8-9/2/23 Session 2 DW10 NL
20-21/2/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift SE
22-23/2/23 Session 2 DW10 SE
27-28/2/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift NO
1-2/3/23 Session 2 DW10 NO
20-21/3/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift DE
22-23/3/23 Session 2 DW10 DE
10-11/4/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift DK
11-12/4/23 Session 2 DW10 DK
8-9/5/23 Session 1 DW10/Swift UK
9-10/5/23 Session 2 DW10 UK

We reserve the right to cancel courses with insufficient signups.