Layout templates are placed in a new folder in the main Templates folder.

The root location of the new templates is /Files/Templates/Designs/. Each design is a collection of Layouts. Every design has its own subfolder of Designs, and the name of that folder is the name of the design as shown in the following example, Figure 1.1, with a design called “Condition” giving a subfolder with that name: /Files/Templates/Designs/Condition/:

Figure 1.1 Main location of layout template files.

You can place the paragraph templates in a Paragraph folder in the specific design folder or placed them in a Paragraph folder in a design folder with the name of the layout file. Here you can read about the different locations of the paragraph templates:

Shared by paragraphs in the specific design:

  • Designs/MyDesign/Paragraph

Only available for paragraphs on pages that use the the specific layout file (e.g. used with Index.cs):

  • Designs/MyDesign/Index/Paragraph

It is also possible to share the paragraph templates across all designs on the solution:

  • Designs/Paragraph/

It is possible to group all module template files, inside a single design folder. The Module template folders need to match the name and hieraki as the default module template folders. You can place the module folder in the specific design folder or placed in a folder in the design folder with the name of the layout file (example with the Gallery template folder):

  • Templates/Designs/MyDesign/Gallery or
  • Templates/Designs/MyDesign/Index/Gallery.
Figure 3.1 Example with module folders in the Design folder.

If the system doesn't find a module folder in the Templates/Design folder, then it use the templates in the default module template folder in Templates/.

Some templates are out of context and con not be moved to the Designs folder (like Newsv2 and Newsletterv3 detail templates, voucher and cookie templates).

Similar to the paragraph and module templates the navigation files can be placed in a Navigation folder in Designs (/Templates/Designs/Navigation) folder to be shared between the different layouts or placed in the specific design folder so that only this layout uses the navigation files (e.g. /Files/Templates/Designs/Navigation). You can also place the navigation files in a folder with the name of the layout file (e.g. /Files/Templates/Designs/Index/Navigation).

Layout templates are parsed whenever they are changed, and the parsed version of the template is placed in a subfolder called _parsed, with .parsed added to the file name.

  • Templates/Designs/MyDesign/_parsed