Update Script

Between versions, Dynamicweb will apply database schema changes using an update script. Sometimes this script fails, e.g. if the database user does not have the right database permissions, or for other unforseen reasons. When this happens, you may experience errors in both frontend and backend.

In many cases, rerunning the update script can solve otherwise inexplicable errors.

You can rerun the update script in 2 ways:

  • From the backend:
    • Login as an administrator user
    • Go to Settings > System > System Information and scroll to the bottom
    • Change the "updates.xml.aspx" field to 2000 - this means that all update scripts from that file/database version will be re-applied if not applied already
    • Click Rerun updates
  • By changing the update file directly:
    • On the server, find the folder /Files and the file Updates.xml or Updates.xml.aspx
    • Open it in a text editor
    • Change the version to 2000
    • Run a IISRESET