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How do I use system emails in Swift?

Roald Haahr


A quick Swift question – How do I use the email layout in the system email page below? I can’t find anything about it in the documentation.

Swift version 1.19
Dynamicweb version 9.15.2

Kind regards


Jennifer Johansen Dynamicweb Employee
Jennifer Johansen

Hi Ronald 

We are working with the documentation for System emails.
But the way it work is e.g. on the externet app where you typically use an email template you can select a page instead
where you can point to the system email instead.

Order receipt is still under development, which is used in the checkout app. 

In Swift 1.19.0 and the database from that release, is set up with the regular email template.
you need to go to the different location and point to the system email you need


Roald Haahr

Hi Jennifer,

I tried that and managed to get the layout in a reset password email. However, it seems that once the email is sent, the Pageview property is returning the pageview of the page of the source form rather than the pageview of the layout page. As the theme is set on the parent page of the layout and Pageview.Page.Parent is hitting the parent of the form page, I am unable to change the theme of the email layout. Also, if I send the email from a top level page (no parent), the email contains nothing but exceptions.

I use DW 9.15.4 and Swift 1.19 gradually upgraded from Swift 1.14.

Is it working as intended on a brand new Swift?

Kind regards,


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