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9.2.17 to 9.10.21 upgrade - 404 error on frontend

John Perez

Hi Team,

I upgraded a solution from 9.2.17 to 9.10.21 (with an intermediate step of 9.4.19) today. So, the upgrade path was 9.2.17--->9.4.19--->9.10.21. The issue I'm running into now is that the frontend of the site will no longer display. It is throwing a 404 error page now.

On 9.2.17, the homepage displayed correctly. On 9.4.19, the homepage displayed without formatting as if there was no CSS/stylesheet. Now on 9.10.21, the homepage displays the 404 error page.

On the backend event viewer, the only relevant message is the following:


Url could not be resolved. fullQueryString: 404;, pageid: 109, foundPath: , urlIndexName: Area0, pathandquery: /Admin/Public/404.aspx?404;;
Mon, 01 Aug 2022 19:37 (UTC-04:00)

Are there any other places I can look to determine why the website is throwing this generic error page? Is there an obvious step I could have missed when upgrading?

Clicking Go to the frontpage just leads to the same 404 page.





Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi John

From what I can see in the logs, the live integration in Dna.Ecommerce.LiveIntegration and your template Designs/RoadPro//Index.cshtml causes exceptions. Then it seems like the solution is configured to go to /500 when errors occurs and /500 does not exist, causing a 404.

To fix

  • Disable live integration
  • Fix template error
  • Remove redirect to /500 either in web.config or in IIS settings

BR Nicolai

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John Perez

Hi Nicolai,

Thanks for the help on this! As you noticed, the issue was caused by a few things. Removing the redirect from web.config allowed a different error page to show. From there, we were able to discover a problematic DLL that was causing the site to be unable to load. Pulling that DLL now allows the site to load. All that's left to address is the template error, which we'll get fixed here.

Thanks again,



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