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Static URL after contact form submit

Sebastian Foelske
Sebastian Foelske

Hello Dynamic-Web Friends,

we want to track with Google Analytics our /thank-you sites webshop
We have the issue, that the URL always changes (some dynamic URL with pid=??).
The function on the "Exact URL for this page" doesnt work...

We have used "Contact Form" and create this thank-you sites to track:

1. ) Is there a way to fix it, so that we always have a static URL?
We are not sure, what is the correct way to set this up. And where we have to set this up..

2.) Is there any kind of "workaround", maybe we can add some google analytics code somewhere?

Please excuse me for these imprecise questions. Please keep in mind I'm not a developer - only a consultant ;-)

Best regards and thanks in advance,



Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Sebastian

You cannot remove the PID currently - also it should not be an issue. You can just add tracking and it will work fine - just setup analytics to ignore the pid parameter - see last option below.

Screenshot showing the 'add parameter' page. The guide to adding parameters is found in the Setting up parameter rules section further in this article.

Currently you do not seem to have analytics on the site. Next release of Swift will have GTM and GA4 implemented.

Also you can just add analytics script in a "Custom header include" file on the website settings.

BR Nicolai


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