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Google Tag Manager in Swift

Martin Ottesen
Martin Ottesen

Hi DW,

I was looking for a way to set up Google tag manager in Swift, and couldn't find it anywhere. 

It's a feature in Rapido, is it true that this hasn't been transferred into swift? and do you have plans to do so?

Kind Regards



Steffen Jørgensen Dynamicweb Employee
Steffen Jørgensen
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Hi Martin

It's coming to Swift soon.
We are currently working on implementing Tag Manager with GA4.

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Cristina Santos


We are very interested in being able to use Google tag manager in Swift.

Our client used it in his previous ecommerce and wants to continue using it...

Is there a date for this implementation?

In the meantime, any suggestions how we can add it to the Swift code?

Thanks a lot!

Nicolai Pedersen

Next official release is August 30th. It is currently in testing and should be approved any second now. You can see it when approved on Github:

Also later this week you will see a new Swift version tag - 1.13 that will contain this feature.

BR Nicolai

Tomas Gomez

Hi Nicolai,

Thanks for the update.

Could you please point which template(s) has been modified to include this new feature? (to avoid updating all Swift templates)



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