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BC Connection via Endpoint Management Endpoint and Authentication via OAuth2

Shawn Tehini Dynamicweb Employee
Shawn Tehini


I am trying to connect via OAuth2 to BC via a DW 9.12.3 site. 

First I noticed that I need to be on a 9.12.0 version to get the option to add an Access Token in the authentication information.  I started with a 9.10.12 site so I am hoping that this is something recently added.  

In Postman I am able to connect with the following:

  Token Name : Whateveryouwant

  Grant Type: Client Credentials

  Access Token URL:

  Client Id: 5a1e.....XXX

  Client Secret: XXX


  Client Authentication: Send and Basic Auth Header


Using the above I am able to configure a new token and add that to the Bearer Access Token and authenticate.


That confirms the AAD Auth in BC and permissions across OAuth2.  Taking the same credientails to the DW authentication endpoint I get the following error:

"AcquireTokenSilent failed. EndpointAuthentication id: 6. Error: No account or login hint was passed to the AcquireTokenSilent call."

Here is the OAuth2 authetication endpoint.  How is the Authorization url being generated?  I initally left the AccessToken blank and the Auth url generated the below:

Pasting in the AccessToken generated in Postman did not autheticate either.  Has anyone hit this AquireTokenSiletFail?


Shawn Tehini


Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk
Hi Shawn, Maybe this can help? Br, Dmitrij


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