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DW 9.12.7: Cart problems

Roald Haahr


I discovered that I receive an error when I delete order lines with discount on all pages, thus making the webshop unusable as long as the cart in question exists. When looking at the cart in the backend I can see that the discount order line is still in the cart even though the parent order line does not exist anymore. I suspect that it is Navision that is complaining when trying to calculate the price for the discount order line.

If I try to adjust the amount of an order line I am receiving the same error. However, when adjusting the amount, I am unable to inspect the cart in the backend. I am presented with this error in the backend.

Furthermore, when deleting the last product in a cart the cart will still have the price of the latest deleted order line.

Kind regards


Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Roald,
can you share your solution url? Do you use a standard Dynamicweb live integration or a custom one?
What version of the Live integration do you use if it is a standard one?
Is it appeared just after upgrade to 9.12.7 or you are not sure if it is connected with a newer Dynamicweb version?
Sorry for a lot of the questions :)
BR, Dmitrij


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