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Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

We are facing a strange situation with losing carts upon Login or Logout (most probably log out).
We have a project running on DW 9.9.8. We have seen this behavior of carts lost before but not very often. But now we have stared to see this behavior a lot more often.

In this solution, we are using OrderContext. And what we see is that the information stored in the EcomOrderContextAccessUserRelation is lost and the cart is no longer attached to the user.

The cart object is still valid, the AccessUserCartId has the right information. Only the information on the EcomOrderContextAccessUserRelation is affected. And we suspect that this is happening upon logout from the website. It is also possible that it happens upon login to the website. The only thing that is certain is that the user logs out and when he logs in, the cart is lost.

It is very possible that we have not seen it very often because most customers are not logging out.

Anybody else faced a similar issue? What would be the possible areas that we should investigate?

Thank you,




Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov

Hi Adrian,

I was able to catch the issue with context cart on my test environment based on last DW9.12.7 as well. I see the cart is lost ufter some timeout perhaps used not correctly now (perhaps, it's option 'Cart session timeout' in Settings-Ecommerce-AC-Shopping cart etc.). An ordinary cart seems not to follow the behavior now. So, I've created new task 6368 to investigate and fix the issue if valid. Thansk for observing.

BR, Oleg QA


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