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Able to choose the format of a image when uploading it

Kosta Zigouris

So while i was trying to improve my google lighthouse score.
Something caught my eye. So let's imagine you have a web site.

on that website are some paragraphs and images, nothing special. 

However the images are from different kinds of formats: jpg, png etc.


But you need Webp formats to increase your google lighthouse score.

The easy way to do this is using the image handler and format it to webp with “&Format=webp”.


But that is also where the problem is. For an example, let's take a look at a webshop.

High change there are a lot of images on some pages of this webshop.

And let’s be fair it would not be the best practice to call the image handler for each one of them.

Since this will just increase your website’s loading time.


So for my suggestion would it not be a powerful tool when you upload an image.
That you can choose to format it to another format?



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