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Notifications of scheduled task

Tomas Gomez


I configured a scheduled task to send a notification. It is just to settup the e-mail data but it doesn't send any mail when I run the task, not even when "Only on failure" is unchecked.

Do I miss any other configuration to receive a mail whenever this task runs?





Morten Bengtson Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Bengtson

Hi Tomas,

Looks good to me. What type of scheduled task is this? I can't see that from your screen dump.


Did you check if your SMTP settings are correct?

Settings > Web and HTTP > SMTP


Otherwise, please check if any errors have been logged (errors related to rendering the email template or sending the email)

Settings >  System > Event viewer

Settings > Logs

Tomas Gomez

Hi Mortan, thanks for the reply.

The solution is sending other mails (so the SMTP is working). The log register nothing when I manually run the task.

I send you the screen dump of the first part of the configuration.

Below, I send you also another screen dump of another notification in the liveintegration task, that is similar and is working good.


Morten Bengtson Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Bengtson

"The log register nothing when I manually run the task."
Thats weird. You should at least see some entries related to running the scheduled task in Settings > System > Event viewer.
Is this an old version of Dynamicweb?

I still can't tell what type of provider that is ("Actualizar informacion productos ERP por paginacion").
If it's a custom provider then you need to call the SendMail method on the BatchIntegrationScheduledTaskAddin base class when the task completes or fails.

I assume that you have already looked in the spam folder of the specified email account :)


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