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Accent insensitive product search

Cristina Santos

Our product search should be accent insensitive as querying for "jamón" or "jamon" should return all items matching wether "jamon" or "jamón".

We're using Dynamicweb 9.9.6


Steffen Kruse Hansen Dynamicweb Employee
Steffen Kruse Hansen

Hi Cristina,

You need to set up a custom field type with the UnaccentedWordAnalyzer in the index.

When you have done that you should be able to create a new custom field in the index, which should then use the new field type. That way the data in the index will pass through the analyzer, and "jamón" should be stored as "jamon", and the same will happen with your search terms. 
I can't say exactly how you make it work with your freetext search, because it depends on the actual implementation, but if you are using a SummaryField for your freetext, you just need to add the "UnaccentedName" field, to your SummaryField.

I hope it answers the question.

Best regards,


Cristina Santos

I understand this works for single fields but what about summary fields?


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