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Query for missing images

Aki Ruuskanen
Aki Ruuskanen


I am trying to get a query for products that are missing images to work. 

I have a query where I check if "Product Image Default" is empty and Language is English. 

The result is a list with products that have a default image. With some products greyed out?

This is on a DW 9.9.3.

Can some help me out to create a query that displays produts that are missing images. 

Regards / Aki 


MissingImageResult.png MissingImages.png


Shiwanka Chathuranga Dynamicweb Employee
Shiwanka Chathuranga

HI Aki,


i think this should come from Imagepatterns array


but i dnt think you can achive from query, you have to go from code level imagepatterm array count=0



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