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Excel export missing checkbox fields?

Helene Kjærbøl

Hi forum,

Is it true that checkbox fields cannot be exported via excel? In my attached example 'Eco' is a checkbox, and as you can see the fields doesn't show in the list of fields available for exporting.

BR Helene


Michael Knudsen

Hello Helena,

- I think you should report it to DW support, because it seems to be a bug.

In a demo site with DW 9.9.3, have I created two fields: MyTestCheckbox (field type checkbox) and MyTestYesNo (field type list box) - and when I export it's not even possible to select the 'MyTestCheckbox' field.


Br. Michael Knudsen

Helene Kjærbøl

@Søren Jensen: Can this maybe be a bug?


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