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ProductIndexBuilder group sorting fields

Mario Santos
Mario Santos


While working a project with thousands of groups we realized that the repository index page was taking long time to load. It seems to be related to the Group sorting fields that are generated - one for each group.

I am wondering, if we can have an option to exclude these fields from the index? So projects like this that we don't sort products based on group sorting, we can avoid the fields to be creating which will lead in smaller index files and probably better performance in general.

BR, Mario


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Mario

I have just created an option to not create and index those fields - TFS#81755, coming in the next release of ecommerce package for 9.8

Also I created TFS#81756 that will hide the fields from the list of schema extender fields in the index overview - that should also help on UI performance. Coming in 9.9

BR Nicolai

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Mario Santos Dynamicweb Employee
Mario Santos

Perfect! Thank you, Nicolai.

BR, Mario


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