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Columns not created in the database when upgrading to 9.8.8

Roald Haahr Jensen

It seems that the columns FormFieldInputPattern and FormFieldTitle were added to the table FormField somewhere between 9.8.3 and 9.8.8. However, the update script did not create them for some reason and I cannot find anything about it in the log. I find that it works if both fields are as nvarchar(255), but just to make sure I would like you to confirm that this is the correct data type for the fields.

The error appears in Apps > 'Forms for editors' and on the forms in the frontend.

Kind regards
Roald, Novicell


Morten Buhl Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Buhl
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Hi Roald

I can confirm that both fields are supposed to be nvarchar(255).

As for the updatescript not creating them I can't replicate that. When I delete the colums and rerun update packages 2136 and 2137 they are created without incident

/Morten Buhl, DW


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