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Dataintegration, xml-provider and conditionals

Kurt Moskjær Andersen
Kurt Moskjær Andersen


I'm trying to import users from an xml-file using the Dataintegration-module.

I've setup conditionals, to only import the users created after a certain date. My conditional rule is set up like this:

and the data in the column is formatted like this:
<column columnName="AccessUserCreatedDate"><![CDATA[2020-04-03]]></column>

I've looked into the documentation on, but still I'm getting the following error in the log:

Job Failed with the following message: can not do a 'Greater Than' comparison of items from XML.

Best regards
Kurt Moskjaer Andersen


Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk
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Hi Kurt,
the problem is that XML provider does not support "DateTime" fields handling, all fields in the XML are considered as strings. That is why the date time conditions are not working there.
As a work around you could try to use the custom table (with correct date time fields) created in the database and import all data from XML to Dynamicweb table using Dynamicweb/Sql provider. Then you can make another job to import from this table to the destination Dynamicweb AccessUser table using Dynamicweb/Sql/User providers with conditions provided.
Kind regards, Dmitrij

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Kurt Moskjær Andersen
Kurt Moskjær Andersen

Hi Dmitrij,

Thank you, I will try to look into this as a solution.

Best regards


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