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DynamicwebConnectorService throughts

Arnór Halldórsson
Arnór Halldórsson

Hola amigos,

I'm reviewing and advising on some possible changes to one of our client's architecture in regards to how their backend systems are accessed from all possible client side platforms, this would include the Dynamicweb webshop they have and could mean some modifications to the way the LiveIntegration and DataIntegration frameworks communicate with their AX 2012 system.

The idea is that they want to create a new service layer that all 3rd party clients communicate through (websites, mobile platforms and other), and I'm trying to evaluate how we can do this without complicating the architecture and without adding more service layers to an already quite fluffy architecture.

One of the things I'm looking into is the DynamicwebConnectorService (DWCS) and how to possibly remove it from the pipeline. I'm looking over the code in AxConnector.cs file in the Integration v1 - DynamicwebConnectorService x64 - project, and from what I see the DWCS only serves as a placeholder for the authentication information into AX. What I'm considdering is removing the DWCS from the picture, but continue to use the same authentication. 

So instead of this: DW -> DWCS -> AIF -> AX, the pipeline would looke something like: DW -> New Service Layer (NSL) -> AIF - > AX. This would require us to change the LiveIntegration AddIn and possibly write a new provider for the data integration framework so that we could maintain the authentication information on the web-side and communicate with the NSL.

I would love to hear from someone smarter than me what the possible technological and/or security risks this change might incur and why (if it is) it's stupid bologna :)

Best regards,



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