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Show empty (unnasigned) properties in PIM

Nuno Aguiar
Nuno Aguiar



Currently in PIM if you have a Product Property in the Visible field, and that product has no value for it, the field does not show. We'd like to request them to be visible.


Here's the use case

Customers in the USA have their ERPs filled with attributes. It makes perfect sense to us to use Product Properties to import all of the attributes, specially because they don't have the requirement to be tied to a Group.

The downside for the customers that are starting to use the PIM and/or managing some data in the PIM, now have to manually assign that property to each product, despite it being in the Visible fields, which makes it comborsome.

We also don't want to use Product Categories, because that forces us to have a dummy group just to establish the relationship


Example / Test Scenario

  • Create a new Property in a "Product Category of type Properties" in Settings > Ecommerce > Product Catalogue > ...
  • Go to PIM and add that property to your visible fields
  • If you want to add values to 10 products, you have to perform the task to add the property 10 times (once for each product) before we can add values to it


If the field could be displayed with an indicator that it's not added (maybe dimmed) until we click on it and add a value would optimize the experience.


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar



Steffen Kruse Hansen Dynamicweb Employee
Steffen Kruse Hansen

Hi Nuno,

What you are asking for can be achieved by using the DataIntegration. As far as I understand from your description, you use DataIntegration to import the attributes from ERP into Product Properties. If you also import the values for the attributes from the ERP into the individual products, the Product Properties should automatically show up inside PIM (without the user having to do anything). Then if you want to add attributes from ERP which don't have a value on a product, you can just add an empty string value for the Product Property in Dynamicweb.

This is the same thing that happens when you add a property from inside PIM.

Best regards,


Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar

Hi Steffen,


Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. We explored your suggestion and although it fits the integration scenarios, we were thinking on the customers that handle some products directly in PIM.


So we still see the value of the UI to show some property fields (greyd out) if they are in the Visible Fields list and the product does not have them:

  • It prevents the user from wondering why a fields does not show up
    in case he forgots which ones are visible and/or has a long list of visible fields (after scrolling up and down to find it)
  • It prevents additional "clicks" to add properties that user might be working with on a list of fields
    similar to what Bulk Edit would do


Hope that makes sense.


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar


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