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Feature Request - Show page images in Mega menu (Same as product Group Images)
Hi DW, I would love to see the possibility to use the page Images, in my mega menu just as I can use my product group images. In some cases, I might not want to use product groups for structure, but I would still like the visual aid of the images in  ...
Martin Ottesen
12/07/2023 09:40:36
Last post: 12/07/2023 14:05:17
Swift 1.21.0 Bug in Integration Customer Center template
Hi, I found a bug in Swift 1.21.1 one of the standard templates for the Integration Customer Center :) The Templatetag used is this: Ecom:IntegrationCustomerCenter.Invoice.Link But the link is actually in this templatetag: Ecom:IntegrationCustomerCen ...
Marie Louise Veigert
07/07/2023 09:40:23
Last post: 19/09/2023 14:09:48
Skip payment and shipping step if only one method exists
Is this implemented in Swift? Or maybe I don't understand the functio correctly.. In My solution there is only 1 payment method, and 1 shipping option always. These are also selected by default, so the customer can only clik next, I would have ex ...
Justin Sjouw
30/06/2023 14:30:08
Last post: 03/07/2023 14:39:29
Swift 1.21.0 ecommerce badges
Hi, I have tried to add a campaign bagde on a Swift Solution version 1.21.0 Im using it on components for detailpage + productlistcard. I have cleared cache + 'preview' page on the badge page under Swift Tools -> Design -> Ecommerce bad ...
Marie Louise Veigert
26/06/2023 14:09:34
Last post: 27/06/2023 17:45:22
Stock State Feature in Swift
Dear Forum, Could you please advice on the availability of the "Stock State" featue in Swift? Currently this setting only work for the backend and not working for the frontpage product detail. Thanks, Yoon ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
26/06/2023 12:35:03
Last post: 27/06/2023 08:38:21
Checkout - passing state fields instead of region fields
Hi, Reporting a possible bug on swift. Currently the checkout templates are passing the following fields for checkout users - EcomOrderDeliveryState and EcomOrderCustomerState. Having these fields passed is causing the user not to see some delivery m ...
Pedro Meias
22/06/2023 16:49:43
Last post: 28/06/2023 00:11:41
Related products in Swift
Hi guys, I have a project that I am converting from Rapido to Swift and I seem to have an issue with related products. I need to list specific Related categories and also a "Similar products" related list. How do I accomplish these needs? T ...
Adrian Ursu
20/06/2023 10:29:40
Last post: 11/07/2023 10:36:04
Media Table and Gallery generate error in Visual Editor on component
Hi, I've noticed the Media Table generates an error when using the visual editor on a product component. When the component is added to the product detail page with a catalog app on it, the component does show the right media, and it also works i ...
Justin Sjouw
15/06/2023 14:52:51
Last post: 28/06/2023 00:16:56
Favorite list paging not working
Hi, I have a solution where the paging is not working on the favorite detail page, the first page is shown correctly with paging navigation at the bottom. When I click page 2 I navigate to the url ?FavoriteListId=2&PageNum=2&PageSize=10 Which ...
Justin Sjouw
15/06/2023 14:00:47
Last post: 19/06/2023 07:35:36
Stock Component Element throws template error in standard
Hi DW, I've created a new swift shop today, and wanted to use the "Stock" item in the components and it gives me a template error - See below. It gives me the same error in both visual editor and on the frontend. http://sales-demo-shop. ...
Martin Ottesen
14/06/2023 13:09:54
Last post: 14/06/2023 15:24:02
Default sorting of product list grid view
Hi, On my product page I would like the list to be sorted by a Custom Field "Rating" so that all top rated products are listed first by default. I have tried setting the sort to Score and Rating, or even only Rating, but the sort does not c ...
Justin Sjouw
09/06/2023 17:25:10
Last post: 11/06/2023 19:39:51
Changing password offers to save account as mrssmith
Hi there, Using Swift, when I change my password, my browser (Chrome) offers to save the newly created password. However, it's using as the suggested user name coming from the hidden anti-spam field: This is quite confusin ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/06/2023 12:25:25
Last post: 08/06/2023 13:53:28
Swift Navigation
Hi guys, I have set up a standard Swift installation and I am trying to use the Navigation column in the Header. Although there is no specific filtering of the number of levels in the settings: navigationSettings.StartLevel = 1; navigationSettings.St ...
Adrian Ursu
07/06/2023 20:53:11
Last post: 09/06/2023 16:54:11
Chosen article tags on master site not inherited by language layer
Hi DW, When adding a tag to an article on the master site, it does not inherit down to the language layers. This means you'd have to go through all the languages and choose the same tag on all languages. Is there a way to make it inherit from the ...
Martin Ottesen
06/06/2023 08:35:00
Last post: 06/06/2023 23:46:56
Password recovery link
Hi there, In GitHub I see this recent change: which adds the full scheme and domain to the URL in the password reset t ...
Imar Spaanjaars
31/05/2023 22:07:15
Last post: 31/05/2023 23:57:56
Custom Swift templates in Files/Templates/Designs/Swift_custom
Hi, In my notes from the Swift ERFA meeting, I have scribbled down that I should be able to overwrite Swift templates by adding a Swift_custom design folder. I have just tested this on a DW 9.15.7, and I am not seeing my changes from the templates in ...
Roald Haahr
30/05/2023 08:59:51
Last post: 10/07/2023 13:00:25
Footer Sticky bottom
Is there a way to set the footer to sticky bottom? see the following image. ...
Johanne Glimsdal
26/05/2023 10:24:10
Last post: 26/05/2023 12:22:41
Alignment issue for Employee item
Hi I'm using the Employee item and I would like to have the image and text displayed next to each other. However, even after selecting this option, the text still appears below the image. It seems that the link is missing the attribute "clas ...
Louise Andersen
25/05/2023 11:21:13
Last post: 26/05/2023 12:24:31
Untranslated content breaks menu
Hi, In swift when there is no translation for the login menu, it should fallback to default. Instead it will show an additional node with a Swift text: Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
24/05/2023 14:54:34
Last post: 02/06/2023 11:50:05
How does this feature work: Keep me updated with deals, news and offers
In Swift anonymous checkout there is a possibility to put this checkbox, however there is no documentation about it, also - there is no visible evidence that putting this checkbox changes anything. Could you please advice how it works? ...
Tomas Vasiliƫnas
22/05/2023 16:28:32
Last post: 24/05/2023 09:43:23