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missing source html option
Hello!, I can't find the option to view the text in HTML using Swift. I would need to put different styles inside the text box, and without being able to write html I can't.... Does anyone know where this option is (in Swift)? It's hidden ...
Cristina Santos
20/03/2022 19:34:31
Last post: 23/03/2022 09:38:24
missing preset name under swift tools templates
Hi all. this is mostly a feature request i guess. when working with presets, and in the scenario when we want to delete a preset, there is no name in the backend UI displaying which preset to delete. it would be super helpfull if the preset name coul ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
22/03/2022 15:35:36
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Language selector and Carousel
Hi! When hovering over the language selector, the carousel gets moved to the left and breaks. The placement on the page does not matter, as all carousels break (2 in this case). For example: Before: After: Could this be a bug? Thanks in advance! ...
Anouk van der Veer
21/03/2022 14:49:57
Last post: 22/03/2022 13:21:50
Carousel gets stacked
Hi! When I add a carousel with some items in it, it does not show any arrows and stacks my items on top of each other, like so: Could this be a bug? Thanks in advance! ...
Anouk van der Veer
21/03/2022 14:45:17
Last post: 22/03/2022 13:18:23
Hide sign in when logged in
Hello, On a solution using Swift 1.6.1 I`m not able to hide the menu element sign in when logged in. I have tried using permissions but that does not work. What I want to hide when logged in: Permissions settings: Are there any settings I`m missing? ...
Alexander Tømmerholen
22/03/2022 11:02:15
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Hide price for Anonymous users?
Hello, I think hiding prices is standard in Rapido, can I also hide prices for anonymous users in Swift, or would that require customization? Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
04/03/2022 17:15:26
Last post: 07/03/2022 10:46:29
Sort order of Order in IntegrationCustomerCenter
Hi, It seems both Order and Invoices in the IntegrationCustomerCenter are sorted ascending in the IntegrationCustomerCenter. How can I change that to a descending list? Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
01/03/2022 15:55:22
Last post: 04/03/2022 16:42:44
Using the new search in swift for pages not products.
Hi DW. I have to create a page for a customer that does not have any products, but a lot of content pages. I have tried to examine the new search functions with typeahead in Swift, and it seams that this search only will work with products and a prod ...
Daniel Hollmann
14/10/2021 16:48:57
Last post: 03/03/2022 11:01:42
Issue with displaying product variant as being included in a favorite list
Hello, I'm implementing the Favorites list and I have the following scenario: 1. I need to add a variant to a favorite list (multiple list scenario). This works 2. When clicking the favorite icon and the offcanvas list appears, none of the lists  ...
Daniel Voicu
02/03/2022 14:26:23
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swiffy-slider missing file in swift version v1.6.1
Hello everyone we have just installed a fresh new solution with swift version v1.6.1 and there seems to be an 404 error on a swiffy-slider.min.css file. the website checks for the file in this path: /Files/Templates/Designs/Swift/Assets/css/swiffy-sl ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
18/02/2022 09:33:41
Last post: 28/02/2022 12:56:26
Small bug in eCom menu
Hi, On this website you can see that when you click the + sign to expand a category, the first click does not work, but the second click does. Once you have expanded and collapsed a category the function does wortk in 1 click. I think this might be a ...
Justin Sjouw
28/02/2022 12:38:02
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Default order fields not sent to ERP?
Hi, I have a default Swift installation connected to Business Central with order arriving correctly in BC via Live Integration. However Swift has the ability to add a "Preffered Delivery Date" and a "Reference". This works fine in ...
Justin Sjouw
28/02/2022 12:31:56
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Facet overrules search
Hi, On this website How would I achieve that the facets work on top of a search result? Right now if I search for "oedipus" as an example, I get 30 results. With 3 options available to filter on Alco ...
Justin Sjouw
15/02/2022 13:13:19
Last post: 23/02/2022 08:49:29
Issue getting the stock unit name from stock matrix
Hello, I'm trying to get the Stock Unit Name value from stock matrix using the API because I understood there is no other way to get it now. This is my code to get the other values : ExpectedDelivery and Stock. Using this I can get the UnitId but ...
Daniel Voicu
14/02/2022 17:14:14
Last post: 16/02/2022 16:30:18
Inc/Ex VAT in cart and checkout
Is there a way in Swift that determines what is shown in the cart and checkout? I have a site where it now shows "Inc VAT" on both the cart and checkout. But the prices are Ex. VAT so I would like to show that. ...
Justin Sjouw
14/02/2022 12:36:07
Last post: 14/02/2022 16:09:04
Issue with getting radio box values
Hello, I'm having issues getting the values from the product whenever the values are not string. In my configuration, the value that I'm trying to output is a collection of radio boxes. I'm attaching screenshots of how the values are disp ...
Daniel Voicu
11/02/2022 11:29:40
Last post: 11/02/2022 16:56:02
Facet not working
On this website I added some facets, but might have done something wrong. I compared it to another Swift install but I still can't find it. When you click a facet (other than sorting) the page is refre ...
Justin Sjouw
10/02/2022 17:01:03
Last post: 11/02/2022 16:22:44
Bug with gtag script?
Hi When inserting Google Analytics ID in website settings, it doesn't output a correct gtag script. In the default Swift_Master.cshtml the gtag is implementet like this: But it should be implemented like this? ...
Tina Engelsen Pedersen
10/02/2022 10:02:00
Last post: 11/02/2022 14:46:05
Issues with creating variants from interface
Hello, I'm having issues when creating variants from interface. I get the error from the image I've uploaded. Are you aware of it, and what should I do to fix it? ...
Daniel Voicu
09/02/2022 10:03:51
Last post: 10/02/2022 09:26:22
Search results
I have a post in the general section about search results and facet options (see: in which I mention my swift demo setup. The search result of my demo ...
Peter Leleulya
09/02/2022 08:44:12
Last post: 10/02/2022 02:56:18