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Setting a standard paragraph full width
Hello We are trying to set a standard paragraph to be full width, even though we use the 1/1 option for big/small devices and full width on the website settings. Using a custom block and setting the "paragraph-container--full-width" class does set th ...
Fabio Monte
24/05/2019 17:16:41
Last post: 27/05/2019 12:41:32
After input Google Tag Manager ID, the product detail page url become NULL
Dear Sir With reference to this link, before inputting the Google Tag Manager ID, the product detail page was ok. However, after inputting the Google Tag Manager ID, the product detail pa ...
Tan Pang Lin
22/03/2019 08:28:28
Last post: 27/05/2019 12:14:00
Different shipping methods for different countries
Hi, I tried to implement the different shipping methods for the different countries in Rapido 3.1. At 0:49, you can see that Spain is default displayed in Country field. But, data of UK address are displayed in other fields. Can I know how these addr ...
Khine Lwin Myint
23/04/2019 07:50:17
Last post: 27/05/2019 09:41:52
SQL Timeout after upgrading from Rapido 2.1 to Rapido 3.1
We have followed the guides on how to upgrade from Rapido 2.1 to Rapido 3.1. It looks like it is working for some parts of the site, but everything that is in contact with products is throwing a SQL timeout exception. For example the promotion produc ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
27/05/2019 09:13:17
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Add wrapperCssClass to components
Hello. Can wrapperCssClass be added as a components property, to add a class list on generic "form__field-group" elements? This is needed for form elements [ inputs / select / radio / checkboxes /...]. These many times need to be differentiated and u ...
Lara Arsénio
24/05/2019 17:19:51
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Left navigation - best practice
Hello, I got a question about best practice for how to customize the left navigation menu. I want to seperate menu elements with a title. The goal is to acheive something like this: Lorem Ipsum TITLE Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum TITLE Lorem ip ...
Alexander Tømmerholen
24/05/2019 14:59:54
Last post: 24/05/2019 16:04:41
Placement of field in product detail page
Dear Sir whenever there is a new field being added in the product, I noted that the field will rendered at the bottom. May I know is there a way that I can configure the placement of the field in the product page? In this example, The field Dimension ...
Tan Pang Lin
24/05/2019 14:42:48
Last post: 24/05/2019 16:00:54
Remove the dot beside the stock status
Dear Sir I have setup not to display the stock status in product list page, but I am not able to get the "dot" icon to be removed. May I know is there any other set up I miss? Please refer to the link below for more information. ...
Tan Pang Lin
08/05/2019 10:08:52
Last post: 24/05/2019 14:16:49
Setting of Order Discount is not working.
Hi, I had created 2 Order discounts, one for Get $5 if buy more than $100 and above and one for Get $10 if buy more than $180 and above. I would like to be only one order discount should be applied at any one time. The logic I want is that if the ord ...
Khaing May Thaw
10/05/2019 11:59:03
Last post: 23/05/2019 08:30:41
Mailing goes to spam folder
Hi, I am trying to send out a mailing for one of our customers. When the newsletter is send it arrives in the spam folder. I was wonder why the newsletter is send to the spam folder rather than to the inbox? ...
Axel Marijt
17/05/2019 15:05:30
Last post: 21/05/2019 20:36:13
Impersonation page pagination issue
Hi there, I am experiencing an issue with Impersonation page, when the results have more than one page the list doesn't load. It's retrieving a js error: Thanks, BR, Mario ...
Mario Santos
16/05/2019 17:53:05
Last post: 21/05/2019 15:10:31
Extending Dynamic Article
Hi there DW Forum. I have a question regarding the Dynamic Articles and the possibilities of extending them. It's because i have made a custom block/template for showing some Schema markup on Dynamic Article item'et. And on the Dynamic Article page l ...
Mikkel Hornbech Nielsen
21/05/2019 09:57:36
Last post: 21/05/2019 14:47:59
required checkbox forms for editors
Hi, On our page we have a form with a checkbox list. We would like to make it required, but if we do the user needs to select all. We would like, off course, that is also possible to select one field instead of all. But at this momen ...
Gerard Kocks
13/09/2018 15:43:46
Last post: 21/05/2019 13:08:30
Rapido database scheme
I noticed that the Rapido database still has lots of ntext columns instead of nvarchar(max). Weren't those all upgraded when 9 was introduced? Is it still running on an older database schema, and if so, should it be modernized? Thanks! ...
Imar Spaanjaars
18/05/2019 17:06:23
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Need some help with shipping fee implementation
Hi guys, I have a Dw965 With Rapido31 solution. I can use some help with implementing a simple shipping rule. I want euro 7,50 shipping fee added automatically to the cart when my order total is less than 50 euro. The delivery country is of no import ...
Peter Leleulya
30/04/2019 11:24:08
Last post: 14/05/2019 07:24:29
Add show/hide for favorites in Product List
The code to hide the favorites button on the PLP exists in the template but not in the Website Settings. Can that setting be added? bool showFavoriteButton = !Pageview.AreaSettings.GetItem("ProductList").GetItem("ListView").GetBoolean("HideFavoriteBu ...
cmc@dynamicwebusa. com McKeown
19/04/2019 03:51:56
Last post: 13/05/2019 20:17:21
Billing and shipping address display in cart
The OrderDeliveryHouseNumber and OrderCustomerHouseNumber fields are not shown. We ALWAYS use these fields and need to show them as part of the address. We won't use just the address field to be able to connect with other services where seperate fiel ...
Peter Leleulya
01/05/2019 16:10:21
Last post: 13/05/2019 10:47:29
Paragraph container and font color
Hi, I've used a paragraph container to display some text to the left and an image to the right. In the paragraph container, there is an option of setting background and text color. The background color is displayed correctly, but the chosen text colo ...
Siv Hansen
02/05/2019 12:24:56
Last post: 13/05/2019 10:35:13
Dynamic article feed
I the documentation, there is reference to a feed, dynamic list (JSON), which should be located under the feed folder in the content section. In my fresh install of DW, there is no such feed. How do I solve this? ...
Siv Hansen
03/05/2019 10:00:27
Last post: 13/05/2019 10:28:18
What gives a menu item and what does not
I'm currently working on trying to understand how to build a menu structure in DW with Rapido, and have found the blog/news/partners/dynamic article features of DW. However, I'm not able to determine what settings that results in a menu item and whic ...
Siv Hansen
07/05/2019 14:08:54
Last post: 13/05/2019 10:19:25