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Rapido email shown in email
Hi, We have different customers who see 'Rapido email' in sended emails. That could be emails send out with email marketing but also with form receipts. See an example in the attachment. Do you know how it comes and how we can fix it? BR, Manon ...
Manon Wekking
21/09/2018 12:27:32
Last post: 21/09/2018 16:08:49
News without Ecom
Hello, How can I show a news detailpage without Ecom? If I select no ecom template the page is empty, if I select News template Rapdio the page is empty. Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
18/07/2018 15:54:00
Last post: 21/09/2018 00:27:11
Cannot sort in filtered products.
I'm having an issue with the latest version of Rapido. More specifically with the product list sorting and filtering. While they both work as intended on their own, they cannot work together. As far as I can tell they each overwrite the json feed so  ...
Mikkel Hornbech Nielsen
20/09/2018 09:56:03
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User import doesn't work?
Hi, We try to import users in an user map, but we can't choose the activity (if it is excel or csv). When we try to import a csv file it says that the file has no UTF8 encoding. Is this a bug specific for Rapido (the issue cannot be reproduced in a n ...
Manon Wekking
22/02/2018 12:55:46
Last post: 20/09/2018 09:22:42
Using DKK in Rapido frontend
Hey :) We got a problem with Rapido and how NETS wants us to display danish kroner in the frontend. In rapido its "kr.", but NETS wants us to write "DKK". How do we change that? Thanks :) /Kim ...
Kim Hansen
18/09/2018 21:31:01
Last post: 19/09/2018 08:33:02
mobile logo (both image and wording) blur out
Hi May I know what is the recommended dimension for mobile logo, we tried various dimensions and the outcome is still the same. we tried - 500x255 (this was currently use in mobile setup) - 166 x 80 (see attached) - 190 x 85 (this was currently use i ...
Tan Pang Lin
18/09/2018 10:16:50
Last post: 18/09/2018 10:43:42
paragraph container does not align with paragraph
Hi, On we have some paragraph containers and at the bottom a paragraph + form. Unfortunately the paragraph does not align with the container which doesn't look so nice an customer complained about. Is there a ...
Gerard Kocks
27/07/2018 14:14:54
Last post: 18/09/2018 10:15:24
My Points Page in Customer Service Center
Dear Support May I know does Rapido having My Points Page template (list and detail)? If yes, can you send me the template as I am not able to find one to display a page to show the history of the points consumer had earned or redeemed. total points  ...
Tan Pang Lin
17/09/2018 12:19:44
Last post: 17/09/2018 16:00:34
Rapido carousel not working
Rapido solution where the carousel is not working. What could be wrong here ? ...
Jens Mouritzen
17/09/2018 11:57:16
Last post: 17/09/2018 12:01:01
required checkbox forms for editors
Hi, On our page we have a form with a checkbox list. We would like to make it required, but if we do the user needs to select all. We would like, off course, that is also possible to select one field instead of all. But at this momen ...
Gerard Kocks
13/09/2018 15:43:46
Last post: 13/09/2018 15:59:51
hiidden fields in export form
Hi, On the form in attachement I hide field names because I think it's a bit ugly :-) But by doing that I have no koloms in my user export of the form. Is there a solution for this? Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
01/06/2018 11:45:20
Last post: 13/09/2018 12:07:10
Search funtion in Rapido (No Ecom)
Hello, As far as we can see it is only possible to searc in a catalog / Ecom. But for websites like and our customers would like to have a search option that search in their website. Is it ...
Gerard Kocks
25/05/2018 11:20:32
Last post: 13/09/2018 11:20:20
Adding Google Calendar
Hi, I tried to add a Google Calendar to our solution, but it seems I cannot influence the heigth of the Iframe. Can someone tell me how to do this? Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
12/09/2018 11:59:10
Last post: 12/09/2018 16:47:09
Digital assets
Hi, In the PIM website of Rapido, the "Digital assets" page shows the content of a folder. By default, only image files are shown. What can I do to show all the files? (PDF, DOCX, XLSX) I don't find any option in the backend to do it. An alternative  ...
Tomas Gomez
28/08/2018 11:03:21
Last post: 11/09/2018 08:54:09
Website settings improvements
As default, please collapse the groups in the website settings. Like on the image attached below ...
Jens Mouritzen
07/09/2018 13:18:54
Last post: 07/09/2018 15:23:12
Design guide
I would really appreciate if you made a design guide for Rapido, with code examples. Much like what you can find for Bootstrap ( Would be nice to get an overview of which elements that  ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
04/09/2018 10:35:48
Last post: 04/09/2018 10:58:25
Changes to main language overwrite other language versions in paragraph container
We have one website with a main language and two sub languages. The site is running DW 9.5.0 with Rapido 2.1. This is how it can be reproduced. 1. Create a new page in the main language. 2. Create a new element on the page with item type "Paragraph c ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
31/08/2018 09:09:18
Last post: 03/09/2018 03:50:13
Add to cart multi from url doesn't seem to work
Hi, I'm trying to generate a url to add multiple products to the cart with the command addmulti. Here's a url you can test on a standard rapido solution (contains product numbers that are in the default installation) : ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
21/06/2018 09:33:00
Last post: 24/08/2018 13:00:58
Which Rapido version?
Hi How can you tell which version an existing Rapido site is running? ...
Lars Larsen
24/08/2018 10:10:15
Last post: 24/08/2018 10:17:40
Sort products by "User Defined" doesn't work
Hello, In Rapido it doesn't seem to be possible to sort the products in the same order as they are in the backend. On the "Product" page, if I set the sort to "User Defined", it doesn't change anything, the feed always returns products in the same or ...
Gaëtan Di Caro
23/08/2018 13:34:17
Last post: 23/08/2018 15:54:40