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Restore default value

Tomas Gomez


I have a problem restoring the default value of a field. The type of the field is List box, displayed as RadioButtonList, with a default value of  None selected.

When a product has a value selected, it is not possible to restore the default unselected value. In the PIM module, it looks like you can edit the field to restore the unselected value, but after saving the previuous value is still there.

Proof here:

How can I restore the default unselected value?



Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov

Hi Tomas,

The issue is reproduced on last DW9.8.4 as well, it's now bugged by TFS 78226 has been created, will be fixed in upcoming DW release. As temporarry workaroud on your DW9.8.2 you can add new option without value in the definition, select it and save product then no option will be selected as you want.

BR, Oleg QA

Kristian Kirkholt Dynamicweb Employee
Kristian Kirkholt
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Hi Tomas

The problem regarding TFS 78226 "Unable to restore default unselected value in radio-button category field" has now been resolved in Dynamicweb version 9.8.5

To upgrade please choose this version from download:

Let me know if you need any more help regarding this

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt

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Tomas Gomez


We upgraded DW and the issue is perfectly solved  :-)


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