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Get order/invoice PDF from BC in different languages

Chris Søgaard
Chris Søgaard


When getting the order/invoice PDF from code unit, it seems that the PDF is always returned using english language. Customer would expect that the PDF would be returned using the language code set on the customer. This is how BC functions by default, if the language code on customer e.g. is set to "DAN" it would return the PDF files in danish language. I looked through the source code for code unit, and it does not seem to rely on any language codes.

Is there anyway to control this on the call GetPDFForItem or in any of the subscribers to the code unit?

We're using DW 9.10.8 with cloud BC18 and code unit


Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Chris,
I can not get it to work in BC. I am using latest 18.1.2* from MS cloud sandbox instance. Here is my customer setup:

I've used the Credit Memo report:

The report is shown in English even if the customer is configured for DK.

How can this be configured in BC?

BR, Dmitrij

Chris Søgaard
Chris Søgaard

Hi Dmitrij

Seems like it's not default then. I have requested a technical description for this feature from the customer, and I will update here, when I have it.

BR Chris


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