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Heavy CPU / Stats for Load Balancing module
Hello, One of our webfarm sites was causing excessive CPU, running steady all day every day. We were able to determine that it's because of the Statsv2 logging. The load balancer isn't skipping stats, so it was building the statsv2 session ta ...
Scott Forsyth
15/06/2022 23:46:24
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Hosting - China
Hi, We have a customer who wants a website that is hosted in China. Does anyone here have any experience regarding cloud hosting located in China. Where to host, what to choose. The site is an ordinary CMS, no integration , no eCom. Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/06/2019 11:23:33
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hosting AWS
Hi! Is there any document/guide that describes the process for deploying a Dynamicweb 9 solution to AWS? We have been usign Azure but we dont like it... Any help would be appreciated Regardas ...
Cristina Santos
29/11/2018 11:19:36
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DW 9.4 & Azure
Due to the new license framework in DW 9.4, it was not recommended to update Azure (Web Apps) hosted solutions to 9.4. However, in this video from a couple of weeks ago it was said to have this fixed hopefully by the end of the month. Since it's now  ...
27/02/2018 15:50:38
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