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Be able to copy repository queries
Hello, It would be great to be able to copy repository queries (and facets and indexes for that matter). Sometimes we have a nice query prepared with a lot of logic and it would be create a copy as a starting point or a backup for a new query. I real ...
Scott Forsyth
03/06/2021 17:34:36
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Shipping method - available only if
Hi In "Edit shipping method" there is Shipping available in: "Contries" Shipping available for: "Frontend groups and users" under "Fee rules" there are also Weigth Volume limit Product catalog (Products and / or Groups) If you have a Shipping metode  ...
Thomas Jensen
25/05/2021 17:49:58
Last post: 25/05/2021 18:30:46
Field Display Group field type in Items
Hi, It would be great to have the same control as used in Fields Display Groups in Item types. Essentially renders 2 list of options where we not only choose which ones we want, but can also sort them in a specific order. Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/05/2021 11:42:45
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Forms for editors in DW10
Hi, Considering industry changes, there are a few features in Forms for editors that don't make snse anymore, and taking the opportunity of DW10 being completely rewritten, we could start with a better foundation, getting rid of some old ones. Exampl ...
Nuno Aguiar
20/05/2021 15:18:19
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Can we please get filter in the dropdown for picking a default variant on a product?
When a product has 100+ variants, it can be very difficult to find a specific one. Can we please get some sort of search or filter functionality in that dropdown? Thanks, Jonas ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
19/05/2021 16:35:18
Last post: 20/05/2021 11:08:16
Non friendly link in Navigation result DWAPI bug
Hello, I am working on a Vue frontend rewrite and I encountered an issue. I create a new page Baz I open the /dwapi/docs to make a request to the navigations endpoint ​This is my result { "PageId": 3051, "Name": "Baz", "Link": "Default.aspx?ID=3051&a ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
27/04/2021 01:35:38
Last post: 06/05/2021 14:10:27
Working with nested item types not scalable
I am wondering if there are any plans to make this view a bit more scalable? Like maybe just dropping the nested component bubble below instead to the right. ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
04/05/2021 01:02:28
Last post: 04/05/2021 08:49:13
Redirects - filling in the gaps
Hello, I posted this at the end of an existing forums post, but I'll post it again here as a feature request. Nuno Aguiar and I spent some time diagraming some options that we believe would be valuable. Non-goal Complex pattern based matching. We agr ...
Scott Forsyth
03/05/2021 19:29:05
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Color code missing from item type
I am developing a Vue frontend and I want to have Item Types for static content, there I want to be able to select colors for various objects. This is the result of the color swatch, why don´t you send the hex value? Regards. Unnsteinn Garðarsson ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
27/04/2021 15:23:03
Last post: 29/04/2021 07:12:17
TaxProvider improvements
Hi Dynamicweb, We are working on a solution where we are using a custom TaxProvider to handle different kind of fees. This provider can be hit multiple times in the same cart with different configurations. We need to control the order of the individu ...
Niels Foldager
28/04/2021 21:29:57
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PIM. Bulk edit with 'Find and Replace'
Hi, Some customers ask us for the capability to do a Replace of a string/word in PIM. Currently the Bulk edit does a full replace of the old value, so we'd like to request the ability to (through the Bulk Edit maybe) have the ability to do a 'Find an ...
Nuno Aguiar
27/04/2021 18:10:42
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PIM : Enriching Checkboxlists
Hi, We have a PIM solution with a lots fields of type "Listbox" (Displayed as CheckboxList). When the customer does an export and includes these types of fields they are not able to enrich it through excel. In the field that is rendered in Excel its  ...
Aki Ruuskanen
20/02/2020 13:05:02
Last post: 20/04/2021 15:23:44
Translation of Global Elements
Hello, For example. I have a website with English as master language and danish as a sub-language. I create a paragraph on master, translate it on my danish layer. I now add this paragraph as a Global Element on some other page. This will reference t ...
Søren Ravn Lund
30/03/2020 15:12:57
Last post: 15/04/2021 16:55:49
Friendly Link in Item Type Link
Hello, I have an Item Type that is of type Link and I am developing a SPA app using the DWAPI. We build the routes in the frontend by calling the backend and we use the friendly URLs to navigate. However the data that I receive in the Link item type  ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
18/03/2021 12:42:34
Last post: 15/04/2021 10:35:50
CaseInsensitiveWhitespace Tokenizer for Synonyms Analyzer
Hi, Consider this Product Name: Non-Sterile Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges 3" x 3" 4-Ply I can get results searching by "sterile" - because it's getting me all results that have "sterile" I can get results searching by "non sterile" - finding "non" + "s ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/02/2021 13:12:52
Last post: 13/04/2021 17:08:27
Reorder only orderlines
Hi, In the Customer Center's Order History, we'd like to have the option to have a Reorder tag/method that only adds orderlines. From our experience, the current Reorder functionality also copies some order field values, and that generates some scena ...
Nuno Aguiar
05/04/2021 15:47:33
Last post: 06/04/2021 12:31:26
RMA custom fields and return tpes
Hi, We've been limited over the years to use the RMA because of how inflexible it is. The recent Notifications are great, but there are 2 major needs to adjust to our customers business rules: Create/Edit Return types We have 3 fixed types ("Return", ...
Nuno Aguiar
05/04/2021 11:54:57
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Add ability to select a Variant in Related products dialog
Hi guys, Is there any plan to support adding a Variant of a product as a related product to an existing product? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
29/03/2021 13:03:06
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Order Email notifications for Primary and Secondary users
Hi, Much like we can send email notifications to the Billing address and Shipping address, it would be great to be able to send it to the (Primary) user and Secondary User as well. Currently we only store the IDs in the database To do so, we'd have t ...
Nuno Aguiar
26/03/2021 13:41:58
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Multiple Order State notifications
Hi, This is likely a DW10 feature request, but essentially, it would be great if we could set multiple and different email notifications for each order state. The current funcionality allows for some flexibility already, but what I am requesting is t ...
Nuno Aguiar
26/03/2021 13:31:10
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