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Enable translate tags for paragraph text fields and language layer relative link for internal links

Mikkel Hammer
Mikkel Hammer

Hi DW,

It's a two in one request, since they are sort of related :)

Our customers (and me) keeps running in to what feels like a lot of unnecessary manual setup when creating new content, where we have a master site and some language layers.

Here we have our latest example of this:
Our customer has a master site and 7 language layers.
On the master site, our customer has created a custom 404 page with some text and links shown in the square.

Clicking the first paragraph "Page not found" we have two text fields which we need to translate for every language layer.
Is it posible for the two "simple" text types (Text and Long text), to have a button at the end where the 1st marker is, that enables translate tag for the field and then either locks the field on the language layer or maybe you can just allow it to still be overwritten there. So basically it just wraps a TranslateTag() around the title and subtitle in this example.

Going to the "Contact us" paragraph from the first image on the 404 site, we again have a simple text field at the 1st marker where the "Request 1" comes in handy.
Request 2
But then at the 2nd marker we have a internal link, where it would be nice to have a button that enables "language layer relative link" from the master site, so it just links to the same page but for the correct language layer. (Continued on the next image below)​

Here i've selected the swedish (djävla) site via the language layer selector at the top, and now i have to change the link via the internal link button, change to the correct layer (because we're still on the master site), and then navigate to the correct page and select it.

It would make the process much easier if there was an one button way to do this for all language layers, so we don't have to repeat the process 7 times for each paragraph.

So the two requests would speed up making content a lot, and fix a common mistake where people forget to change the internal links for the language layers..

Hope you find it useful aswell

Best regards,
Mikkel Hammer


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Thanks - we will note the feature request, but it is currently not high on our list.

Thanks, Nicolai

Mikkel Hammer
Mikkel Hammer

Thanks Nicolai! :)


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