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Ecom product list template - problem when using TemplateTags

René Poulsen
René Poulsen


I've got a problem with an ecom productlist template, where I want to use TemplateTags() on the product. Without TemplateTags everything is rendered just fine - but with TemplateTags it's as if there are no products.

My template is pretty simple:
<section class="section">
    <div class="content">
        @foreach (var product in GetLoop("Products")) {
            <div id="test" domflag>@product.GetString("Ecom:Product.Name")</div>


If I add <div>product.TemplateTags()</div> inside the loop, nothing is rendered. If I add <div>@TemplateTags()</div> outside the loop I just get these info. So there's no product loop, no nothing :-)

Template:BaseUrl System.String /Files/Templates/Designs/.../eCom/Productlist/
Template:DesignBaseUrl System.String /Files/Templates/Designs/.../

Has anyone experienced this and got a fix for it?





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