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Orderline fields in BOM products
Hi Guys, I have tried to use Orderline fields in combination with BOM products and Multi-add to cart. It seesm that in any of the above cases the orderline fields are not rendered. The bom product contained a product that had orderline fields attache ...
Adrian Ursu
23/06/2014 12:12:27
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Code-first Items - Save() not fired
Hi guys, I created this Item via Code-first: [Name("Attraktion")] [Category("Code-first")] [AreaRule, StructureRule(Dynamicweb.Content.Items.Activation.StructureContextType.Pages, Dynamicweb.Content.Items.Activation.StructureContextType.ItemList), Pa ...
Martin Nielsen
21/06/2014 21:18:09
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AddIn Parameters not loaded correctly
Hi, I've created a Scheduled Task Addin, making it possible to create my own custom code when the scheduled task is running. I have a FileSelectEditor-'Add-In-Parameter' in my code so that I from DW can add a path to a file in my solution. When I add ...
Daniel Kousholt
02/04/2014 10:43:11
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News comments - notifying and editing
A client of ours is using the standard News comments functionality. However, they would like to be able to send a comment to the other users in the comment thread whenever a new comment has been made, and they would also like users to be able to modi ...
Peter Terkildsen
12/03/2014 10:23:48
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Smart Search results in SQL
Hi, Is there any way to get smart searches results in SQL? We were trying to create a data feed in Data Publishing, and wanted to use Smart Searches (easier for the client) and output the data in Data Publishing. Can we do this? Otherwise we will use ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/03/2014 16:06:42
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Priceprovider doesn't work
Hi, FindPrice has been overridden in custom dll, but after DIBS payment comfirmed and DIBS updated order with payment data, the recalculate order line seems use the standard price provider and save the standard price in the database. We use DW versio ...
Judy Zhang
05/03/2014 11:36:41
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Internal/friend TaskType
Hi Dw, Why is SystemTools.ScheduledTasks.TaskType made internal/friend? Wouldn't be an idea to be able to use the same enum when creating an add-in for the task scheduler? It seems like a lot of the functionality for this is marked as internal/friend ...
Anders Ebdrup
28/02/2014 08:22:56
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Items enum editor
Hi all, Do anyone know how to make a CheckboxListEditor which consists of an enum? I have tried this approach, but with no checkboxes rendered: [Group("Location")] [Name("Lokationer")] [Field("Locations", typeof(Dynamicweb.Content.Items.Editors.Check ...
Anders Ebdrup
25/02/2014 10:23:26
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8.3 IndexUpdateService.Current.CreateTask(
I am using the following code to start a task to update the index: Dynamicweb.Searching.Management.IndexUpdateService.Current.CreateTask("Products", true); This does not seem to work anymore?? If i look in the backend the index is not updating. If i  ...
Remi Muller
17/02/2014 14:41:43
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CriteriaGroup -> Custom search filtes
This might be a trivial question, but since I don't seem to have any luck making it work, I'll have to ask... How does one create these and figure out what fields to add... This code seems to work, but when I try to use the out commented part I'm mis ...
Martin Skov Nielsen
12/02/2014 12:47:03
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User custom field value is not persisting after form post
Hej guys, I have a yet another user form here. I am using Extranet module, Create new user dialog. So user is Not authenticated yet. User fills in form data like e-mail, telephone, adress - all those standard fields they are persisting. But I also ma ...
Dmitrij Jazel
07/02/2014 11:30:49
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CAPTCHA server control issue
Hi everyone, I have a situation here, I am trying to use this CAPTCHA here: How I wanted to included it: 1) I made a user control that includes this server control. 2) Added CAPTCHA dll and user control to ...
Dmitrij Jazel
31/10/2013 15:13:17
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Rendering an order on payment error
Hi! I'm having some problems on payment error when re-rendering the cart. I get a null value exception in the checkout handler when using: string message = GeneralFunctions.AddTransaction(order, customer, int.Parse(EstoreID), Secret, int.Parse(campai ...
Morgan Fallbrink
14/10/2013 15:16:23
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Web User Controls ascx
Hi Guys, We're looking into migrating an existing ASP.NET application into DW. Most of the site will be developed using DW technologies (Designs and Layouts, XSLT, Razor and Custom Modules etc) but for one section of the site we're considering migrat ...
Alec Stubbs
17/09/2013 10:44:17
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DateSelector in EditableGrid
Hello. I´m using a DateSelector in an EditableGrid, but even though I have tried changing the client Id mode for the control, the dropdown lists continue to be generated with the same name, which then causes problems in the post back. Any tips  ...
Marco Santos
08/08/2013 15:24:20
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How to sort search filter options
Hi, Is there any way to custom sort these search filter options programmatic - eg. arranged alphabetically. I have been looking at the Dynamicweb.Notifications.eCommerce.SearchFilters.AfterRender, but I am not sure that this is the right one. Anyone  ...
Allan Iversen
29/07/2013 15:18:36
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Morten Fink Eriksen
13/05/2013 09:28:14
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EditableGrid dropdown column
Hello. I am using a EditableGrid where one of the columns has a dropdown list. In order to fill it I have an NewRowInitialize handler: protected void GrdPriceConditionOnNewRowInitialize(object sender, EditableGridRowEventArgs e) { if (e.Row.RowType ! ...
Marco Santos
26/03/2013 10:32:54
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How to import user groups to newsletterV3?
Hi, I am working on a solution which need to import user groups to NewsLetterV3 module. Is there anyone here can tell me which method can be called or which table need to filled? ...
Judy Zhang
07/03/2013 13:33:54
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DW8 Orders.SalesDiscounts.Vouchers
Hello, I'm trying to migrate from a custom voucher system used on DW7 to the new Vouchers discounts of DW8. Having voucher codes on a custom table (DQVouchers1) where I can see the voucher is used if it has an OrderId filled on the record, I use some ...
Diogo Lino
19/02/2013 19:04:09
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