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Indeksering af ÆØÅ
Hi, I am currently having trouble with indexing and doing facet search on colors when I try to filter on "Blå". This is because of å, but how do I get around this? The query looks ok, the value in BeforeQuery notification looks ok, and it matches exa ...
Søren Heide Larsen
14/09/2017 14:53:31
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Forgot password email is not beying sent
Hi Guys, I am having trouble with sending email with Forgotten password. It feels like it's not beying sent. What I tried so far: Check SMTP settings, IP adress and ports etc... - check Check SSL - check Check Pickup dirrectory - check Spam filter -  ...
Dimitrij Jazel
05/07/2017 13:25:21
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Anyone has any experience with search services such as Algolia or Searchly?
We are looking at the posibilities for implementing complex search functions with a large dataset, and have come across services such as Algolia and Searchly. Anyone has any experince in using such services? Br Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
03/05/2017 13:47:21
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Query content index DW9 using API
Im trying to use the API to fetch data from the index by looking at this code example. Unfortunatly it does not look like this example  ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
06/03/2017 21:23:40
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checkout handler Quickpay md5
Hi to fix "self referral" for Google Analytics through QuickPay, a QueryString variable needs added "utm_nooverride=1" to all return urls and I tried two add it in the template <input type="hidden" name="continueurl" value="<!--@QuickPay3.conti ...
Thomas Jensen
06/03/2017 15:08:33
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Double registration of failed logins
Hi Dynamicweb, When activating the setting: "/Globalsettings/Ecom/Cart/AutoLoginBeforeAddToCart" the number of failed logins is doubled as the systems tries to login the user twice for every login. Can this be fixed? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
30/12/2016 08:25:05
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CodeFirst items inheritance
Hello Dynamicweb At the moment i am playing around with creating items with a codefirst approach. With this i'm having a couple of issues. 1. I store my items inside the Content folder and my code for that looks like this [Category("Content")] which  ...
Casper Andersen
09/09/2016 10:43:48
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Manual discount on last page of checkout
Hi there, I am building a custom discount provider that a Sales rep can use to enter a custom discount value and then click Add (which posts back the cart form). My provider then grabs a field from the form, converts it to a number and then adds an o ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/09/2016 17:31:43
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Creating Items on page with Code-first approach
Hello DynamicWeb I have been stuck trying to create a custom item type on a page using a code first approach. Basically i have created a new item and inherited from the ItemEntry and so on. and in the backoffice my new itemtype is visible (although s ...
Casper Andersen
30/08/2016 13:45:52
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Secondary users not flushed
Hi Dynamicweb, In the latest version of Dynamicweb (8.8.1) we have an issue when saving secondary users by the api - e.g.: user.UpdateSecondaryUsers(secondaryUsers, true) Then the session is not cleared. Can you please clear the session cache when us ...
Anders Ebdrup
26/08/2016 12:21:21
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RE: Product Attached to Group Observer
Hi everyone I need to run some code after a product has been added to a group in the eCommerce section of the admin panel. Does a sort of ProductGroupRelationObserver exists in the Dynamicweb Templates for Visual Studio? I've tried with Product- and  ...
Jeppe Jakobsen
03/05/2016 10:50:53
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Razor templates in VS2015 are giving a CS0103 intellisense error
Hi, I have a question about using Razor templates in Visual Studio 2015 and intellisense. In my project I keep getting a CS0103 error: "Error CS0103 The name 'Context' does not exist in the current context " To test this I downloaded the DefaultEmpty ...
Harald Brouwers
22/02/2016 11:40:39
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Updating OrderLineGroupRelations
Hi Dynamicweb, To make it easier to add an OrderLineGroupRelation to new groups we a subscribing to: Dynamicweb.Notifications.eCommerce.Group.BeforeSave to add OrderLineGroupRelations to the group automatically, but we are facing an issue as all Orde ...
Anders Ebdrup
02/12/2015 21:14:59
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Render Global Page in Email on OrderCompleted
We have a webshop where people internally in the company can order new office supply. As part of this when they choose a Mobile phone they have to enter whether they want to have an old number transferred as part of the checkout. These extra informat ...
Kasper Vesth
08/09/2015 10:40:23
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Create Order API
Hello guys, I need to find a solution to let a third party website/application to add orders in Dynamicweb. Is there anything native that I can use? What would be the best approach if we were to custom develop this? Thanks, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
07/09/2015 16:26:52
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Discount increments existing line
Hello. While trying to reproduce an error, I came across this behaviour: - I add a product to the cart, PROD1 - I add another product to the cart, PROD2, and increase the quantity to trigger a (custom) discount that offers PROD1 with quantity 1 This  ...
Marco Santos
03/09/2015 13:01:56
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Filter values sorting order
Is it possible, by code, to change the sorting order of the filter values, without usin Razor I have tried Dynamicweb.Notifications.eCommerce.SearchFilters.BeforeRender but can’t access the values there. BR Thomas ...
Thomas Larsen
02/09/2015 23:33:04
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StatisticsProvider: Column '' does not belong to table
See this post: ...
Andrey Kozachuk
31/08/2015 11:21:36
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Nginx in front
Anyone with nginx experience in front of dw as caching server? ...
Kevin Steffer
30/08/2015 16:32:40
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Missing notifier
Hi Dynamicweb, I am missing a notifier in the code section below from CartCatch.vb to be able to overrule the reservation check for specific products, so I can go with the standard functionality most of the way. ' Check stock and reserve If ProductRe ...
Anders Ebdrup
29/07/2015 19:39:03
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