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Where is this field being loaded
Hi, I have observed that the stock location field on order lines on completed orders is populated with a value that does not match my expectations. I would have expected the stock location to be that which is configured on the shop for the site being ...
Reynir Viðar Ingason
23/03/2020 22:24:53
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Sorting related products by a value
Hi, In rapido 3.0.1 would it be possible to control the related products shown in the frontend ? Looking through the list feed that supplies related product data for the frontend only the query string. &[RelatedGroupName]=[ProductId]. But nowhere ...
Claus Ørum-Petersen
03/03/2020 16:32:01
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Json feed of products groups used in menu
Hi How can I get json feed used to render menu (xml) for product groups? Ivan ...
Ivan Marijanović
16/01/2020 09:29:27
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Custom dashboard - ListWidget
Hi, I have created a custom dashboard of type ListWidget. Do anyone know how to either add scrolling or adjust the height of the widget? ListWidget has a column property - but what about height? public ProductGroupDashboard() { Title = "Product group ...
Søren Jakobsen
17/12/2019 13:50:36
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Algolia Search REST API
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience integrating Algolia's REST search API with their Dynamicweb solution? We're beginning to look into this for one of our clients and I would love to hear some stories, both good and bad ;) https://w ...
Arnór Halldórsson
27/10/2019 18:08:28
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Template extenders and feeds.
Hey there, we are working with feeds on out product catalog app and we would like to work with some custom template tags that we populate differently depending on properties on the paragraph. We have previously been accessing those properties in the  ...
Reynir Viðar Ingason
03/10/2019 17:05:37
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Error processing CategoryValues (When indexing products)
Hi, We are receiving this error when we try to build the product index: Error processing CategoryValues. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resour ...
Martin Møller Christensen
03/10/2019 10:58:42
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Create and add user to Newsletter group or not from form for editors
Hi, In the form for editors module configuration, there is an option to automatically add the user(email) to a group. I'm using a form for editors form to have a user fill in some data with the option to subscribe or not to the newsletter. I need the ...
Daniel Voicu
05/09/2019 16:10:51
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custom Ecommerce mini-cart delete orderline command
Hi all! I am currently developing a mini-cart in a ViewModelTemplate using the Ecommerce Context. i have succeded in creating the mini-cart this way, but i am having some problems creating a button that can delete an orderline from the mini-cart. i h ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
31/07/2019 20:53:42
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Extending Integration Customer Center
Hi! Is it possible to extend Integration Customer Center so that we can get other types of documents and display them beside inovices, orders and credits? Ivan ...
Ivan Marijanović
08/04/2019 10:07:35
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Delete page notification
When a page is deleted can it have the notification of page deleted fired for every subpage that get's deleted also. I've tried to get the subpages by using the PageService like this: var subPages = pageService.GetPagesByParentID(page.ID)?.ToArray(); ...
Rui Silva
11/02/2019 12:14:12
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Password security questions
Hi guys I am currently working on setting up password security on a project, and i was wondering how the system exactly works, and thus a have a few questions :) - I am using SHA512 to hash the passwords, but i am unable to find documentation that de ...
Ronni Hansen
30/11/2018 09:25:36
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Product category field Date default value
I have a product category field of type Date. When in a product there is no DB record for that field the default value in the backoffice is "Mon, 01 Jan 2001" which is an actual valid date. In this case shouldn't it be empty or "Never"? ...
Cátia Torego
25/10/2018 13:45:32
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Google maps API referer restrictions.
Hello, We recently updated to 9.4.16 and noticed the ShowOnMaps module works now. Still we have two issues with the module. We have referer restrictions on URL for our website because we dont want everyone to make calls on behalf of us. Viewing the l ...
Antek Drzewiecki
24/07/2018 13:10:20
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Products in Orderflow (cart)
I'm building an orderflow where step 1 is choosing your product, step 2 is choosing accessories (dependent on the chosen product) and step 3 is additional information, step 4 is confirmation. What is the best way to achieve this? I found that i need  ...
David Alexandersson
21/03/2018 16:43:19
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Change password screen gives error, but it still works?
Hello! I have made a change password page based on Rapidos, which is a paragraph with the Extranet module (Edit profile) settings attached, and my template. I have added GetString-methods för the old password, the new password and the confirm passwor ...
Oscar Romin
22/02/2018 15:38:59
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Facets and extracting price of cheapest product matching facet option
Hi, i'm trying to make a facet filtering where I need to be able to list car models for the user to pick. On each of these car models, it is desired that there is a "from price". So I need to find a way to find the cheapest product matching each Mode ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
12/02/2018 03:15:20
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Duplicate Email Template
In Marketing, when i create a nem email using an existing template the template gets duplicated. Is this expected behavior? The DW version is 9.3.7 ...
Cátia Torego
31/01/2018 19:14:46
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DW Attach file to FormForEditors mail
Hi, I have a customer, who would like to have the picked files attached to the email send, when submitting the form. I have found an example in a thread on the forum: ...
Marie Louise Veigert
08/11/2017 10:08:24
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Multiple checkouthanders
Hi, Our customer uses DynamicWeb Version: We have to implement 2 different checkout handlers because of two different types of customers. In de Ecom module I see it is possible to create several checkout handlers but how do I implement this  ...
Sander Veltman
16/10/2017 11:44:02
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