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Problems with extranet login & logout (DW 9.3.8)

Nicolai Jessen
Nicolai Jessen


One of our clients has made some content changes to their solution (DW 9.3.8 - DWsimple) and is now experiencing problems with the extranet module when logging in and out from the frontend.
I have posted an image of the error message below.
For some users the error appears when they try to log in and for others it only appears when they log out.

When we get the error on log in we just have to reload the page to get past the error.
When we log out we get the error but it still seems to keep the cookies and can only get past this when emptying the browser cookies.

Have someone experienced this behaviour before? Are there maybe some setting we are overlooking?

Regards / Nicolai


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Nicolai

We have no experience with this. Seems like 2 things are changing the cookies at the same time. Do they happen to fire requests with javascript that runs silently when logging in our out?

You can try to disable the cookie manager in the backend. Should not be a problem.

Of course it is an old solutioin - an upgrade is an option.

BR Nicolai


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