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Facebook OpenGraph
Hi guys, I have to define facebook og properties for a project. I have used the logic for defining the properties in MetaTags object: Pageview.Meta.AddTag("og:title", Model.Title); Which renders this result: <meta name="og:title" content="Aparat d ...
Adrian Ursu
07/07/2020 15:54:12
Last post: 07/07/2020 17:20:09
A potentially dangerous Request.Cookies value was detected from the client
Hello, In my monitoring i get this error sometimes: <growth ta..."). System.Web.HttpRequestValidationException (0x80004005): A potentially dangerous Request.Cookies value was detected from the client (Dynamicweb.SessionVisitor="...rDynamics=<dy ...
Jose Caudevilla
02/07/2020 10:28:16
Last post: 02/07/2020 16:44:46
Security issue: Every user can see my order details
Hello: In my website i send a complete order mail when users complete an order. This mail contains a button link to the resume order page. The link format is like this: /cart?CompletedOrderId=ORDER1333&CompletedOrderSecret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If other ...
Jose Caudevilla
02/07/2020 15:02:09
Last post: 02/07/2020 16:10:22
Duplication of users - how do we merge?
Hi guys. We have an issue on a solution, where users are duplicated (maybe on user import). The issue is that when a user unsubscribes to the newsletters, it is only one of the users that unsibscribes newsletters. The users have the same email addres ...
Jens Mouritzen
01/07/2020 09:20:21
Last post: 01/07/2020 09:49:19
Email Marketing: Graphs not displayed in email statistics
Hi, In the Email marketing area, the graphs of the email statics are not displayed (See attached image) I work on a solution upgraded to DW 9.8.5, and these graphs were properly rendered in previous DW versions. I don't see this issue on the bug fixe ...
Tomas Gomez
26/06/2020 12:27:33
Last post: 30/06/2020 11:28:38
Email marketing scheduled send
Hi. I trying to implement an "abondoned cart" campaing, per this setup. But , I'm having trouble making the scheduled send actually sending emai ...
Bjørn Kamfjord
22/05/2018 11:28:49
Last post: 29/06/2020 19:07:12
Configure 2 website on the same solution in IIS
Hi guys, I have a question about best practice when configuring 2 websites in the same solution in IIS. I see 2 possibilities: 1. Configure 1 website in IIS with multiple bindings and a single ApplicationPool 2. Configure 2 websites in IIS with separ ...
Adrian Ursu
24/06/2020 20:28:23
Last post: 25/06/2020 11:26:06
Smart searches on product fields
Hi, I am using Smart searches to categorize users according the products they have seen or bought. The options to select the products are indidually or by its parent group. It would be possible to automatically select the products by a product field? ...
Tomas Gomez
24/06/2020 15:55:41
Last post: 25/06/2020 11:24:02
Disable calling pagetemplate in querystring due to security
Hi Can´t find it now, but I am pretty sure it is possible showing a page with a certain template with something like this This can result in some information being exposed, that  ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
23/06/2020 10:32:12
Last post: 23/06/2020 17:20:46
Item Creator - is it possible to link to newly created item in notification email?
Hi When an Item is created with the item creator, is it possible to somehow link to the newly created item in the notification email? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
18/06/2020 09:23:13
Last post: 22/06/2020 21:22:48
Email failed to send correctly Error Message Explanation
Greetings, One of our customers keeps recieveing this message(Attached Image) when sending a newsletter. It seems always to be the last couple of recepients it fails on. I you click on the "Click here to retry", then it succesfully sends out the news ...
Keerthy Sethupathy
13/05/2020 06:36:27
Last post: 22/06/2020 08:48:29
Redirects do not work for two websites at once
Hi, On a project we need to set up redirects for the Danish site and the Norwegian equivalent. In some of these cases the same relative url should be redirected. Example should redirect to http://ex ...
Roald Haahr Jensen
17/06/2020 10:26:42
Last post: 22/06/2020 08:42:53
Another reCaptcha
I have request from client to implement reCaptcha! I now there was threads about it and that it is not recommended but the client wants it. I also saw the Nicolais post ( wi ...
Ivan Marijanović
16/06/2020 13:06:03
Last post: 19/06/2020 13:23:46
Autodeleting pages
Hi Is it possible to set up a recurring task that automatically deletes pages under eg. a certian parentpage, it the pages are older than x days? Sort of like what is possible for logs/folders? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
18/06/2020 11:07:20
Last post: 18/06/2020 14:58:12
Make Items created by itemcreator unalterable
Hi Is there a way to make Items created by Itemcreator unalterable? What we want is for the editor to be able to read and view the items created via ItemCreator, but they must not be able to write/alter the items that are created. Is this possible so ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
17/06/2020 03:54:38
Last post: 18/06/2020 09:04:40
Item type - set value of one field to value of another field in same item?
Proably a Long Shot, but here goes For an itemtype containing several fields, is it possible to "mirror" the value of one field to another field? Let us say that we have 2 fields. One is a free text field, where you can enter a number between 0 and 2 ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
16/06/2020 14:38:36
Last post: 16/06/2020 16:27:19
User ItemType fields readonly
Hi, When creating ItemTypes to be used as usergroup or user properties, it would be nice to be able to set fields as ReadOnly for these. As you can with regular userfields and productfields. At least I have not found a way to do it (Maybe this is a f ...
Aki Ruuskanen
17/12/2019 14:17:26
Last post: 16/06/2020 14:17:06
Editing Data Integration Job xml file causes it to break
Hi, I noticed and as soon as I try to edit a data integration job, it no longer works. I tried it locally using Notepad, Notepad++ and our IDE, with similar results. As soon as we open and save the file (even  ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/05/2020 13:38:19
Last post: 09/06/2020 20:07:52
Tracking file downloads based on users
Hi Maybe not a standard feature in Dynamicweb, but maybe some of you have solved this somehow anyway. What we wan´t to achieve - is a toplist of say eg top 10 extranet users who have downloaded a certain PDF type (Always attached to the same itemtype ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
09/06/2020 15:05:21
Last post: 09/06/2020 16:17:27
Getting Query values with IQueryService
Hi, I'm trying to use the results of a Query outside of the QueryPublisher app. I got this far, but I can't figure out how to retrieve the values I need. Any ideas on how I can get the fields from the query result? @{ var queryService = Dynamicweb.Ex ...
Mafalda Correa
04/06/2020 12:13:51
Last post: 04/06/2020 13:24:35