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Filter options by AreaID in ItemTypes

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

I am working on some very specific ItemTypes for various purposes.

In this process, I need the ability to filter the options available based on the Website the paragraph is added to.

For example, say I have an ItemType with a Product field type, I need to allow the user to select products only from the Shop that is assigned to the Website the paragraph is added to.

Another potential scenario would be to create a SQL based List that would display options filtered by AreaID or ShopID.

Is this possible? Maybe using CodeFirst ItemTypes?

I find this particularly useful when having multiple shops and websites in the same solution. Something that tends to happen more often than not and especially when having PIM warehouses and Shops. It becomes increasingly confusing for the user to select the right content from the right location.

Thank you,


Brian Bolks

Same here would be usefull to have the ability to maybe use AreaId or language in the SQL to load options.


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