Swift 1.1.0

Release date October 26nd 2021

Dynamicweb proudly presents Swift 1.1.0 This update brings more basic B2B features to Swift and introduces support for multi-language websites and shops. The main headlines for this service release are:

Attracts visitors 

  • Support for multiple ecommerce languages and currencies makes it much easier to attract international customers, which helps you expand your market share and increase sales 
  • Support for language layers makes it easier to communicate with customers in their own language without running several separate solutions 
  • Support for voucher codes makes it possible to engage your customers elsewhere and bring them to your webshop 
  • find dealer map can help customers navigate to and find additional information about stores 

Better cart and order handling 

  • Sales representatives can now impersonate customers and e.g. create carts and place orders – this can help customers find the right products in specialized setups 
  • Support for minimum quantity and step size when adding to cart and increasing order amounts can help customers get rid of inventory quickly  
  • You can now set a product to 'Never out of stock', which means that the normal rules for stock don’t apply and it can always be added to cart regardless of the current stock level 
  • Support for customers choosing a desired delivery date during checkout if they don’t want their order delivered ASAP   

Improved Product Details page 

  • Highlight your product and its spectacular features through embedded videos on the product details page 
  • On solutions where no VAT is standard, we now also show the price including VAT on the product details page 
  • Let the customer know when a product is back in stock through 'Expected delivery info’. 
  • Showcase variant products as a variant list on the product details page and use filters and sorting to quickly find the variant you are looking for


  • The account creation flow now uses two-step verification through email 
  • An anonymous user setting makes it possible to hide price information and block new purchases

General Improvements and Maintenance 

  • Updated bootstrap to 5.1.3
  • Typeahead highlight, include product number in product suggestions 
  • Possible to disable max-width
  • Named newsletter item types with newsletter
  • Text and Image should not stretch when original is selected
  • Fix Bad value true for attribute preload on element video 
  • Accordion - Background color fill column
  • Video Element div not allowed as child of element button
  • Fix alignment on print
  • Fix translation on cart
  • Fixed cookie banner z-index bug
  • Order email missing strike through on unit price
  • Put search term in field, when arrow click
  • Facet alignment improvement
  • Use correct country code tag in checkout
  • Micro templates for Themes and fonts
  • Custom cookies example