Release Policy & Information

Dynamicweb 9 is distributed in two ways:

  • As a standalone application in  a manner similar to previous versions of Dynamicweb
  • As a collection of packages which can be updated dynamically from our NuGet feed

The standalone applications are released as follows:

  • Majors (DW 8, DW 9) are released every 2-3 years
  • Minors (DW 9.1, DW 9.2) are released biannually - in January and August
  • Service releases (DW 9.4.1, DW 9.3.12) are released on Tuesdays, on a need-to basis

Packages for package-based solutions are released on a running basis, although select packages are released only when majors are released.

Dynamicweb 8 is released in 4 different categories.

  • Major releases (Like Dynamicweb 8.0). Occurs every 2-3 years.
  • Minor releases (Like Dynamicweb 8.1 and 8.2). Occurs 2 times a year - every last Tuesday in January and August.
  • Service releases (Like Dynamicweb 8.2.2). Occurs 1-2 times between every minor release.
  • Hotfixes (Like Dynamicweb On Tuesdays, if necessary.

Major, Minor and Service releases are released to all customers that follow an automatic update scheme.

Hotfixes are only applied to the solutions affected by the bug(s) fixed. Other customers can choose to upgrade using the Management Center.