Known bugs

Below you will find a list of Known bugs in Dynamicweb in the pipeline for being fixed for relevant releases/hot fixes for already released versions. Bugs will enter this list as soon as they are verified by the QA team. In general we aim at fixing all registered bugs for the upcoming release but certain bug fixes requires extensive testing which will push them to the next release.

Planned in indicates the package/branch the bug will be fixed in. This will either be in upcoming service release or a hotfix for an existing release. Bugs that are already fixed in our development environment for the upcoming releases can be found in the hotfix lists for the relevant version. 

Number of bugs currently in the pipeline: 4

ID Description Planned in
57477 Special characters breaks URL if top ecom group contain special characters
Dynamicweb9 - Platform\Customized URLs
57649 Styling in FCK editor source code affects the text area in Product edit.
Dynamicweb9 - PIM\Product Edit mode
57651 Error when attaching groups to a user when you have many groups in a deep structure
Dynamicweb9 - Users
59533 FillProductPrices not working in Integration Framework v2 with Dynamicweb.Ecommerce version 1.4.83/1.5.18 or later.
Dynamicweb9 - Integration\Framework\Live