Bug fixes for 9.6

Here you see all bug fixes for the current branch.

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This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Dynamicweb. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Version: 9.6.7

5 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement DW9 templates extension for Visual Studio 2019 is now available from https://doc.dynamicweb.com/get-started/introduction/implementing-extending/extending-an-introduction Platform - Templates
62901 Bug Cancel button on orders is still clickable even when permissions are set to read-only Platform - Permissions
63627 Bug ExportDataAddIn should clear cache after export Integration - Data Integration
63665 Bug Inactive assortments can cause exception when fetching products Ecommerce - Assortments
63685 Bug Products might not be shown correctly if user is part of multiple assortments Ecommerce - Assortments

Version: 9.6.6

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
62166 Bug Setting order state fails if order flow mail template contains TemplateTags() no longer Ecommerce - Orders
62453 Bug Leads: Maps do not load under potential leads is solution is on SSL no longer Marketing - Leads
62618 Bug Ensure that currency is set correctly on cart Ecommerce - Payment
62780 Bug Using signup (user and forms) where users are added to a new group and they already exist in the user database, does not update the group relations. Apps - Forms for editors
62829 Bug Add Discount from Admin backend fails no longer Ecommerce - Orders\Edit order
62833 Bug Implemented so that Product Category related caches are cleared when calling Application.KillAll Ecommerce - Product Categories
62834 Bug News app file link inserts extra /Files in path Apps - News
62851 Bug Fixed exception if assortment doesn't apply to current user Platform - API
63190 Bug PIM tree: wrong permission check on subgroups. Platform - Permissions
63260 Bug Discount with a set "Usage per customer" always applied in product catalog frontend Ecommerce - Order discounts
63348 Bug PIM BulkEdit breaks if DropDowns contains a single quotation mark no longer PIM

Version: 9.6.5

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added html decoding when indexing text fields from items in the content index builder. Platform - Searching\Indexing
Improvement Excel provider for PIM has been optimized PIM - Export and import data
Improvement Logging for the CommandBuilder has been extended Platform
Improvement Optimized index builds logging to consolidate errors Platform
Improvement Made OrderManager context independent Platform - API
61752 Bug Shop ID field not hidden correctly no longer Users
61863 Bug EcomGroup sorting is zeroed by ecom provider Integration - Data Integration
62559 Bug Color swatch - save the default colors when creating a new site Content
62671 Bug Marketing Data loading error in list of recipients Marketing - Email Marketing
62672 Bug Fixed issues with clearing cart cookies on extranet log off Users - Extranet
62836 Bug Made sure that CC_Type is never null even though it's not posted Ecommerce - Customer Center

Version: 9.6.4

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added better normalisation for ö, ä in Swedish Settings - Customized URLSs
Improvement 'UserIndexBuilder' and 'UserIndexSchemaExtender' have been extacted from Dynamicweb.Security and moved to Dynamicweb.Usermanagement
Important Note: The 'UserIndexBuilder and 'UserIndexSchemaExtender' has been moved from Dynamicweb.Security to Dynamicweb.UserManagement. This is a breaking change, and is reflected by the major release of the Dynamicweb.Security package. If you use the 'UserIndexBuilder' or 'UserIndexSchemaExtender' in your custom code, you need to reference Dynamicweb.UserManagement instead of Dynamicweb.Security and recompile your code
61017 Bug Order Weight is removed when changing from CART to ORDER Ecommerce - Orders
61187 Bug Sorting by imageis no longer possible as images are ofter dynamically set Ecommerce - Product Catalog
61238 Bug Cancelling the "Are you sure you want to leave the site" causes screen to hang no longer Content - Editor
61265 Bug Bug in OrderRepository.FindOrders Ecommerce - Orders
61296 Bug Wrong definition for visibility condition in code-first item no longer Content - Items
61554 Bug Item of conversion goal not stored in split test no longer Marketing - Split tests
62131 Bug Do not overwrite product DefaultUnitId value Ecommerce
62172 Bug Some specific values in posts can be caught be sql injection
I.e. <a.> or [a.
Ecommerce - Payment\AltaPay
62239 Bug OrderProvider: Export only relevant order lines Integration - Data Integration

Version: 9.6.3

6 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added options for security headers in Settings -> Web and http -> Security Platform - Security
Improvement Improved location detection in tracking Platform - Statistics
Improvement Made it possible to extract a product from a family PIM - Search and Navigation
57651 Bug Made support for adding users to groups with alot of users (>2100 total) Users
61233 Bug When accessing systeminformation under settings when hosting on Azure an exception is thrown. Platform
61266 Bug Also cached our fallback products when product information is missing Ecommerce

Version: 9.6.2

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Changed event viewer logging service to work as a logmanager Platform - API
Improvement Improved bot detection in tracking Platform - Statistics
Improvement Improved device tracking for unix platform Platform - Statistics
Improvement Improved referrer detection in Tracking Platform - Statistics
Improvement We now send 404 when using alternativeimage parameter for getimage.ashx Platform
Improvement It is now possible to execute c# code from dataitegration xslt transformations Integration - Data Integration
60486 Bug Excel export to PIM does not include empty Property fields PIM - Export and import data
60914 Bug Ecom navigation product page field only shows after saving no longer Platform - UI Components
60917 Bug Help button in DW backend makes doc site fail when attempting search Documentation
60923 Bug XmlProvider Xslt transformation does not include CDATA from xslt file cdata-section-elements Integration - Data Integration
61120 Bug Backend texts with empty translation show up as "" in backend no longer Platform - UI Components

Version: 9.6.1

6 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Vocuher list has been redesigned. New columns Discount given, Discount count have been added showing respectively the accumulated amount given on a voucher list and how many times it has been used Ecommerce - Vouchers
Improvement The tracking namespaces have been added to the API documentation - http://doc.dynamicweb.com/api/html/c02bb3c5-daf1-02b9-85f9-b1d211bb828d.htm Platform - Statistics
59228 Bug Fixed facets doesn't work with values containing comma Platform - Searching\Indexing
59843 Bug Info bar is now rendered in group edit when page is opened again (both PIM and Ecom) PIM
60311 Bug Search weighted can fail on specific terms Platform - Searching\Search Weighted
60405 Bug Solution reporting now works if there are no products in default language. Settings

Version: 9.6.0

12 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
55194 Bug Frontend editing feature broken no longer Content - Frontend editing
55206 Bug receipturl now filled when used in order flow mails Platform - Templates\Designs and Layouts
56410 Bug Issues on coping/creating new language with website has many pages has been partially resolved by increasing timeout Content - Websites
57910 Bug ProductCount doesn't render anything in Subgroups loop Ecommerce - Product Groups
58166 Bug Item tabs doesn't work at pages and paragraphs Content - Items
58587 Bug fatal error when delete the parent page specified in a module settings Apps
59042 Bug Checkbox list item field type throws error on save when using items as options no longer Content - Items
59383 Bug Usergroup based on SmartSearch usergroup does not update Users - Smart searches
59486 Bug Geolocation fields in item look up address on save again Content - Items
59513 Bug Create user on checkout fails if Merge anonymous cart is enabled Ecommerce - Orders
59550 Bug Unable to delete related products has space in ID no longer Ecommerce - Product Catalog
59561 Bug User provider: "Export users created and edited since last export" option is not saved Integration - Data Integration