Bug fixes for 9.5

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This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Dynamicweb. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Version: 9.5.9

1 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
57477 Bug friendly urls containing chinese, thai, japanese and other asian languages are broken. Platform - Customized URLs

Version: 9.5.8

8 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
58942 Bug Fix PIM bug when attaching products directly to a Group and using search bar to find products to attach PIM - Search and Navigation
58982 Bug Parent group users included when indexing impersonation users Platform - Searching\Indexing
59926 Bug fixed: Card token not stored during Cybersource checkout when force tokenization enabled Ecommerce - Payment\CyberSource
60018 Bug bug fix: Email marketing newsletter does not include page content if sent out scheduled and 'Render content for each recipient' is unchecked Marketing
60086 Bug LogOnHandler SaveCookie error on null DW_ExtranetSessionCookie DWExtranetUsername property Users - Extranet
60866 Bug Made fallback for GetProductById work -> If you use simple variants and do not have a localized version of the product you do lookup on, you'll now get the corret caching behavior. Ecommerce - Product Catalog
60955 Bug Fixed SQL exception when calling ProductService.GetAllProductsByShopId Platform - API
61066 Bug Make sure DefaultImage isn't looked up, if the TemplateTag isn't used PIM

Version: 9.5.7

15 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
57854 Bug The location item type now retrieve the coordinates. Content - Items
57990 Bug Language Permission in PIM gives gives empty result in Queries list PIM
58291 Bug updated posted order info to not contain order description value Ecommerce - Payment\BBS
58321 Bug Fixed case where it was not possible to link to global paragraphs Content
58542 Bug Fixed an canonical title related bug Platform - Customized URLs
58586 Bug Executing the "Email Marketing Scheduler" scheduled task fails with a System.MissingMethodException Marketing - Email Marketing
58597 Bug Fixed that Index tasks can cause both Index Instances to fail Platform - Searching\Indexing
58667 Bug Stock update does not take unit into account Ecommerce - Stock
58681 Bug Fixed so it's possible to add/remove ProductProperties from products with 'long' ProductIds PIM - Product Edit mode
58689 Bug Rich text fields can not be edited when used in item tabs as website settings Content - Items
58706 Bug improved performance of loading children for shop node PIM - Search and Navigation
58770 Bug Made scheduled emails work for new permissions Marketing
58806 Bug Improved performance of discount rendering Platform - API
58862 Bug FontAwesome icons in paragraphs disappear no longer Content - Editor
59077 Bug Fixed default forms for editors template to not render the label for hidden fields Apps - Forms for editors

Version: 9.5.6

13 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added the ability for the E-conomic integration to transfer orders to the ERP system Integration - e-conomic Integration
Improvement Implemented support for EAN validation exception in e-conomic integration Integration - e-conomic Integration
Improvement Excel as source provider can properly resolve the proper datatype of columns (get column conditional to work) Integration - Data Integration
Improvement We now accept a maximum of 500 selected products from the ListView. PIM - Product Edit mode
56166 Bug Problem with Assortment Navigation fixed Ecommerce - Assortments
56245 Bug Fixed performance issue when cache on discount included/excluded queries not used on discount calculating Ecommerce - Order discounts
57077 Bug Track&Trace form is not filled correctly after order saving no longer Ecommerce - Track and Trace
57373 Bug Bug in Dynamicweb.Core.Helpers.StripHtml has been fixed Cleanup and refac - Test
57478 Bug Unable to process Alptapay payment when sql injection is enabled has been fixed Ecommerce - Payment\AltaPay
57559 Bug Data in Track&Trace parameters lost on order saving no longer Ecommerce - Track and Trace
58123 Bug A cache issue with SQL injection ignored fields has been resolved Platform - Security
58143 Bug Fixed bug where Sales discount DateFrom and DateTo are not triggered unless discount is saved or pool is recycled Ecommerce - Sales Discounts
58428 Bug Fix for Discounts are not applied correctly with old sales discount module Ecommerce - Sales Discounts

Version: 9.5.5

12 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added juris name to taxname if to taxes on the same orderline shares names. Ecommerce - Taxes\Avalara
Improvement Setup wizard allows you to map to an existing folder instead of creating a new one. You also have the option of using the globalsettings from the mapped files or using a new one Platform
Improvement Support for Amazon. It's now possible to send product information to Amazon through a Dynamicweb solution. PIM - Export and import data
Improvement Log more information when shopid is changed on order object Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
Improvement Improvement of when and how indexes are rebuild.
Ensure urlindexes are only rebuild if any of the fields affecting the urls are changed on a page.
If any of the below fields are changed (dump 1), the new Standard.Page.UrlWasAffected notification is fired.
The ResetPageIndexSubscriber that resets the pageurlindex now reacts on this notification - instead of page.saved.
Notification rule:
If the UrlName (Use in URL), UrlUseAsWritten (Exact URL for this page), MenuText (Page name) or UrlIgnoreForChildren (Do not include URL in subpage URLs) is changed, the notification fires.
If the UrlName (Use in URL) was specified before the page was edited, and the MenuText (Page name) is changed, this notification will NOT be fired since the URL is not affected.
Other changes
When the URL index is reset, and starts a rebuild, URL resolving (the frontend) will be paused until the index has been rebuild. For a regular solution with only pages, this happens in less than 10ms. For custom solutions, it can take longer.
Index rebuilds are now recorded in event system with duration and information on what change caused the rebuild-
Settings - Customized URLSs
55907 Bug Files Upload Manager doesn't support multiselect or resize images when using Firefox Files
56183 Bug User smart search data picker values now saved when backend language is Danish Users - Smart searches
56665 Bug Repositories index build throws exception when image pattern contains a wildcard Platform - Searching\Indexing
56700 Bug Data integration: Submitting activity name with enter in wizard no longer sends you back to the beginning Integration - Data Integration
56918 Bug Fixed Less compiler that breaked the styling if a field of the type 'Date' or 'DateTime' was added to WebsiteSettings Platform
57022 Bug e-conomic: Barred (inactive) products is replicated to DW even if Filter "product.active==false" is set Integration - e-conomic Integration
57076 Bug TrackTraceParameter.Value is empty inside TrackTraceParameters loop Ecommerce - Track and Trace

Version: 9.5.4

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Made it possible to disable discount calculation for an order through the API Integration - Framework\LsRetail
55940 Bug Update email permissions for all users in the group should accept null ("not selected") Users - User groups
56016 Bug Write permission error with non admin users when editing image under new permissions no longer Users - Permissions
56045 Bug Fixed a caching issue when adding removing properties. PIM
56069 Bug Exporting EcomAssortmentPermissions to Excel fails Integration
56401 Bug Rich text fields can not be edited when used in item tabs as website settings Content - Items
56470 Bug Exporting users via right click menu can include users from other groups Integration - Data Integration

Version: 9.5.3

17 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Added 'Shop Context' to Feed PIM - Export and import data
Improvement Added a UpdateCartToOrder notification Platform - API
Improvement Made it possible to extend index with either IIndexBuilderExtender interface and IndexBuilderExtenderBase Platform - API
Improvement Email name field is now included to search in email marketing lists Marketing - Email Marketing
Improvement Added 'Default' property on AlternativeImagePatterns Platform - Templates\View models
Improvement Support for Created, Long description, product detail images, default image (not patterns) has been added to viewmodel Platform - Templates\View models
55220 Bug SmartSearch users "Visited a page" works now Users - Smart searches
55383 Bug Deployment: Page providers fails on DW95 Platform - Deployment Tool
55557 Bug Fixed a problem when extra call to CheckoutDone can result in 2 confirmation mails with recurring orders Ecommerce - Recurring Orders
55605 Bug Settings DoNotStoreDefaultFields and DoNotAnalyzeDefaultFields should be applied only for schema extender fields Platform - Searching\Indexing
55691 Bug Apply user details to order: customer country code doesn't filled on a cart Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
55702 Bug Check any source to destination XML provider with ability to select the XSLT file from some folder to be applied on the output xml Integration - Data Integration
55905 Bug Conditionals don't work on double/float Integration - Data Integration
55912 Bug If a Source is not set on a facet through custom code, it will not be rendered Ecommerce
55914 Bug Property fields are not rendered in frontend, if they only have value on the variants Ecommerce - Product Categories
55915 Bug Property fields with values only in variant are now shown as selected in 'Add Property' PIM
55954 Bug Fixed: IconAction element value overwrites by AddOns in InputText element Ecommerce - Orders\Edit order

Version: 9.5.2

4 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Implemented 'DoNotRender' and 'HideIfEmpty' functionality in ViewEngine Platform
53927 Bug Editing a group causes a duplicate primary key error Ecommerce - Groups
55258 Bug Restored RMA node Ecommerce - RMA
55397 Bug The ViewEngine doesn't show ProductCategoryFields for a product, if only values are inherited from a group PIM

Version: 9.5.1

13 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement It is now possible to click to object/query from Query Counter Widget, Query List Widget and Query Grid Widget. PIM
Improvement Added support for teminal language to the BBS / Netaxept provider Ecommerce - Payment\BBS
Improvement New item field type - item tab. Used to split large items up in smaller chunks Platform
Improvement We are now able to render some pretty variable names without breaking the existing functionality. We have added a new setting to the 'Less.config' file 'UseCleanVariableNaming', which when enabled should give better variable names, so at least we don't get any variable names starting with "-". When 'UseCleanVariableNaming' is not enabled, the variable names should be exactly the same as before this change was implemented. Content - Websites
Improvement Receiving empty xml from the web-service no longer marks the task as failed Integration - Framework\Batch
Improvement Inherited field values are now dimmed in the field. PIM - Product Edit mode
Improvement When using queries in PIM to find products, we always shows the entire family, because this is how the ProductList is implemented.
Now it is more visible for the users, which product records are actually match the query criteria. The products that are dimmed don't match the search criteria.
PIM - Search and Navigation
53772 Bug EcomProvider: fix import products when no ProductId in the mapping and job PK lists differs from sql table PK list Integration - Data Integration
54304 Bug Sql provider: Remove missing rows after import option is not updated Integration - Data Integration
54363 Bug å is not properly replaced by aa in searchfriendly URLs Content - Pages
54710 Bug TemplateTags for BOMProductItems are only available with TemplateTags() in template no longer Ecommerce - Parts Lists
54763 Bug Ecommerce group urls are sometimes off in multi language scenarios - showing the name of the default language instead of the language in the context has been fixed Platform - Customized URLs
54781 Bug Exception is no longer thrown if order has another currency code than Common.Context.Currency.Code Ecommerce - Orders\Edit order

Version: 9.5.0

23 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
45516 Bug The Ecommerce Statistics does not match Ecommece orders Ecommerce - Statistics
46824 Bug Added automatic schema detection for Feed parameter of the "Feed widget" Content
47377 Bug Frontend shows exception when "show only products on stock" is checked Ecommerce - Products
47425 Bug Items-allowed setting for placeholder works wrongly Content - Items
47949 Bug Countries: Cannot save VAT percent with decimal value Ecommerce - Country
48065 Bug Solution report -> Purge cache doesn't do anything Settings
48893 Bug Ecom statistics product group count report now applies parameters correctly Ecommerce - Statistics
48922 Bug Change google maps api setting Apps - Maps
49565 Bug Product names containing exponents breaks custom url Ecommerce - Products
49676 Bug Website specific 404 pages are now respected when using a single domainname Platform - Customized URLs
49679 Bug Removed constructor "New(shopId)" reintroduced. Platform - API
50774 Bug Javascript error: Fatal error - Validator w3 Rapido - General layout
50961 Bug Repositories: Index build notifications not sending Platform - Searching\Indexing
50971 Bug Sorting groups in Ecommerce breaks if GroupId contains '_' no longer Ecommerce - Product Groups
51113 Bug Products with spaces in ProductId get duplicated on save from backend no longer Ecommerce - Products
51969 Bug Now possible to select group as participant in workflow (content) Content - Draft and Workflows
52141 Bug When saving a product in Ecommerce, the Detail images loses it's ImageGroup Ecommerce - Products
52283 Bug XmlProvider: Fix the archive as well so only the affected files are archived Integration - Data Integration
52731 Bug DateTime.toString now uses invariant culture in ContentIndexBuilder Platform - Searching\Indexing
52768 Bug fixed an issue in recurring orders with canceled deliveries featur when sometime it cannot continue after reach the delivery to be canceled. Ecommerce - Recurring Orders
53230 Bug Fixed Chargelogic templates to work when several i frames are used on the Chargelogic payment page. Ecommerce - Payment\ChargeLogic
53530 Bug Ecom and Dynamicweb destination providers: not possible to import to EcomAssortmentPermissions table Integration - Data Integration
53532 Bug UserProvider: enable logging of sent emails with passwords Integration - Data Integration