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This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Dynamicweb. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Version: 9.4.20

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Included ProductWeight in the import from Economic Integration - e-conomic Integration
54344 Bug Made PriceCollection into a ReadOnlyCollection and Product.Prices into a ReadOnly Property Ecommerce - Pricing
54450 Bug Fix wrong recipients counter in Email marketing for repository query Marketing - Email Marketing
54483 Bug That the bug has gone.... Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
54506 Bug fixed issue when it was unable to use UserParameterEditor and UserGroupParameterEditor for custom provider Ecommerce - Taxes
54522 Bug DataIntegration assortments handler does not rebuild assortments not in default language Integration - Data Integration
54750 Bug Deleted paragraphs in master still show up in language layers with certain setting combinations Content - Language Management

Version: 9.4.19

4 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Ensured that special URL cases cannot result in endless loops Settings - Customized URLSs
53403 Bug Ecommerce backend "All" product view" no longer changes to "25" when edit Ecommerce - Product Catalog
53914 Bug Assigning groups to products from "All products" inserts NaN into search field no longer Ecommerce - Product Catalog
53998 Bug Exception can no longer occur with category fields when product doesn't exist in default language Ecommerce - Product Categories

Version: 9.4.18

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
50007 Bug Voucher codes are case sensitive during discounts and loyalty point rendering Ecommerce - Vouchers
52560 Bug Wrong stock deducting for product included in part list Ecommerce - Stock
53028 Bug Exception when saving ecom product no longer PIM - Product Edit mode
53070 Bug Fixed an exception occuring when creating subpages if parent page doesn't exist on language slaves Content - Page Tree
53125 Bug Smart search broken with date condition has 'Never' in not English backend no longer Users - Smart searches
53147 Bug UserProvider: fix removing missing users when "Destination Group" and “Remove users group membership, if group is not in import” is ON Integration - Data Integration
53223 Bug Default image still shows up in Details loop in frontend PIM

Version: 9.4.17

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Internal ecommerce code related to relation groups has been moved to a service based structure Ecommerce - Related Products
52099 Bug All IPs can get banned on azure - because of an error, the ip gets banned which means all ips. Platform - Security
52187 Bug PIM should respect field differentiation when saving PIM
52276 Bug Reintroduced AssortmentsCalculateUserAssortments notification for when authenticated users where checked for access to products. Ecommerce - Assortments
52588 Bug Pageproperty items share the same ID across language areas no longer Content - Websites
52788 Bug Item fields can not be copied from master language version if itemtype has a hidden field on top no longer Content - Language Management
52881 Bug Clicking 'Start workflow' more than one breaks the WF definition + incorrect workflow steps Content - Draft and Workflows

Version: 9.4.16

9 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Released 9.4.16 hotfix Platform
Improvement Improved search result list in combine product selector. PIM - Product View mode
51631 Bug Excel provider doesn't save changes to destination folder no longer Integration - Data Integration
52058 Bug Upgrading from 8.9.x to 9.4.x loses newsletter subscribers and tracking Marketing - Email Marketing
52277 Bug PIM Groups - it is not possible to make Default relation to Products/Groups in the PIM hierarchy no longer PIM - Product Edit mode
52295 Bug FacebookExternalLogin provider doesn't provider FB email for the logged in FB user Users - External Authentication
52297 Bug ExternalLogin provider: Fix saving options Users - External Authentication
52553 Bug EditableListBox not allowing email addresses longer than 36 characters no longer Ecommerce - Order Flows
52569 Bug Unable to import users in 94 since package was not bumped Users - User groups

Version: 9.4.15

19 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Methods with systemInfo parameter in ILogger have been returned to provide backward compatibility Platform - API
Improvement System logger code has been refactored Platform
Improvement Added 'Label' templateTag to 'CustomFieldValues' loop Ecommerce - Product Catalog
50085 Bug Things hidden from Anonymous and authenticated frontend users can now be visible for user groups Platform - Permissions
50430 Bug User types and required fields. It is not possible to create a group without the Name field being enable. Attempting to do so will inform you of this fact. To create a user either the Username or Email field must be enabled. Attempting to create a user that doesn't fullfill this condition will inform you of this fact Users
51020 Bug Error exception on module search adding to paragraph on new solution installed has been fixed Platform - Searching\Search Weighted
51455 Bug Item link fields pointing to a file with multiple . characters are treated as url Content - Items
51476 Bug Data integration URL builder validation has been fixed Settings - Scheduled tasks
51498 Bug Websites with force ssl break redirect to sitemap.xml no longer Content - Sitemap
51516 Bug Show location on map no longer results in missing key error Apps - Maps
51534 Bug When using the GET LOCATION FROM API button on the user edit page in the administration a javascript error related to XML parsing no longer occurs. Apps - Maps
51770 Bug Can't page order discounts Documentation
51780 Bug You get an exception when you try to create a paragraph or a page. Platform - License
51781 Bug Ecomprovider no longer overrides provided ID with generated ID in certain situations Integration - Data Integration
51818 Bug Unsubscribing a deleted user causes error Marketing - Email Marketing
51819 Bug Adding new domain to website with primary domain redirects incorrectly Content - Websites
51961 Bug No access to Marketing function for users with old permission framework Users - Permissions
52030 Bug Custom modules don't require IIS reset after registration Platform - Cache
52051 Bug Fixed issue with empty warning appearing on Login page Platform - License

Version: 9.3.15

1 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
51773 Bug "CustomerCenter.ListTypes.Lists" tag doesn't render + "CCAddToMyLists" doesn't work in 9.3 Others - UI

Version: 9.4.14

5 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Translations for settings tree can now be loaded without recycling Platform - API
50401 Bug Fixed Required fields - to work for Property fields and Category fields (when Visible in product edit). PIM
50776 Bug Product Property field (type Multi select) disapear, when last check-mark are removed lo longer PIM - Product Edit mode
51244 Bug Tag Item.Field.Option.IsSelected always returns False if option value contained special characters Content - Items
51316 Bug Creating a page based on a template throws exception no longer Content - Pages

Version: 9.4.13

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
49464 Bug Add domain to link if the link to other area Platform - Customized URLs
50244 Bug Visits data shown the same for all users no longer Users
50454 Bug Cart: do not merge product and product discount Ecommerce - Order discounts
50582 Bug Product list not rendered with index query when groups are enabled and GroupID parameter exists no longer Ecommerce - Product Catalog
50832 Bug User management smart search email marketing links no longer shows links from wrong email Marketing - Email Marketing
50869 Bug Removed unneeded check for page access during "forgot password" request. Now the user who has forgotten his password no longer needs specific access to the "forgot password" page. Platform - Security
50956 Bug Search weighted ecom search broken no longer Platform - Searching\Search Weighted

Version: 9.3.13

4 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
45390 Bug Make dashboard lists widgets work for onclick Platform - Dashboard
45574 Bug Copy website can fail when it contains deprecated item field type - ItemList has been fixed Content - Websites
45605 Bug New option "Remove missing impersonation" added Integration - Data Integration
46678 Bug Favorite lists without products are not cached causing excessive db calls when a user is logged in Platform - Performance

Version: 9.4.12

10 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement Reintroduced the user group customer number in price checks (integration only) Ecommerce - Pricing
49576 Bug Endless redirect can occur if ?ID is not the first parameter in the querystring Platform - Customized URLs
49728 Bug Field content is no longer removed. PIM
49963 Bug Cannot see the entire product number in Order view Ecommerce - Orders
50208 Bug Removed constructor "New(IDataReader)" reintroduced. Platform - API
50211 Bug Time not saving for DateTime itemtype field used in website properties Content - Items
50338 Bug Reduction of output columns are not reflected in Excel Integration - Data Integration
50399 Bug ImageHandler: Resolution param is not applied on getting image url Platform
50404 Bug n Ecommerce - Order discounts
50511 Bug Sales discounts can revert to wrong paramter values when loading on some mac browsers (due to cache header bug in Safari) Ecommerce - Sales Discounts

Version: 9.4.11

9 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
49097 Bug Fixed cache for unitstock on product Ecommerce - Stock
49458 Bug Link editor in item releation list link items no longer opens behind list item modal Content - Items
49522 Bug two websites in the same solution; one retail and one wholesale, one shop is setup to display prices incl. vat, one to display prices excl. vat a
Now prices without vat on the retail shop if the product first has been displayed on the wholesale shop.
Ecommerce - Pricing
49618 Bug Fixed Exception after adding variant from product view Ecommerce - Variants
49698 Bug Clearing the end date for a user now sets the end date to Never Users
49803 Bug Not possible to add products from assortments to cart if assortment permissions are based on groups Ecommerce - Assortments
49872 Bug 401 Exception while calling WebApi controllers Platform - Security
49964 Bug Scheduled task next run time is calculated wrong Settings - Scheduled tasks
50008 Bug PIM BulkEdit now shows incorrect input controls. PIM

Version: 9.4.10

17 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
41719 Bug Aritmatic exception if you buy products with different currencies and then logs in with user and enters cart Ecommerce - Pricing
48025 Bug Changed the permission framework such that the Anonymous permissions are singleton and never disposed.
All other permissioncontexts are specific to the usergroups and consumed as per the interface.
Content - Permissions
48425 Bug initialize ProductRenderer with PageView context in ProductEditor Platform - Templates
48468 Bug CK Editor is broken in 94 Content - Editor
48822 Bug Part List order lines broken Ecommerce - Parts Lists
48847 Bug Fixed a bug in order states. Ecommerce - Order State
48850 Bug SerializationException Loyalty.Reward in OrderLine.Clone method Ecommerce - Orders
48880 Bug Fix Data integration job token validation in Azure Integration - Data Integration
48944 Bug Fixed a bug in reservations.

Requirements for "Reservation at checkout"
Enable "Reservation at checkout" in Settings - Ecom - Advanced - General
Enable "Only show products" "That are in stock" in Settings - Ecom - Advanced - General
Enable "A check for stock status" in cart module settings - in field validation section

Documented: https://doc.dynamicweb.com/documentation-9/ecommerce/orders/shopping-cart#sideNavTitle1-1-3
Ecommerce - Stock
48972 Bug Flat rate tax provider not taking order discounts into account Ecommerce - Taxes
48987 Bug Item type color settings not applied Content - Items
49091 Bug Don't look for Access in Module table when getting modules for App page Platform - License
49335 Bug do not extend pageview template from cart template extender when showing receipt Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
49441 Bug Fix ItemLists and ItemDetails templates loading in Integration customer center. Please note that it may be necessary to re-save app settings on paragraphs with Integration customer center Integration - Integration Customer Center
49478 Bug When using non-viewmodel based layouts, the content on the page is generated twice causing performance problems Platform - Templates\View models
49492 Bug Saving a shipping/payment method caused country to lose that method as the default Ecommerce - Payment
49515 Bug Email marketing: Domain no longer resets after changing in edit topfolder Marketing - Email Marketing

Version: 9.4.9

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
47630 Bug Checkboxes with default value set render invalid HTML Apps - Forms for editors
48334 Bug Allow backend login with ; in password Users
48376 Bug Change website frontend should reflect currency website settings Ecommerce - Currency
48566 Bug Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Orders.SalesDiscounts.PromoCodeChecker.CheckOrderPromoCode is not validating the dates accurately Ecommerce - Sales Discounts
48629 Bug Error exception on displaying properties of file has invalid symbols in name no longer Files
48754 Bug When products are not cached, sort order is now respected. Ecommerce - Products
48760 Bug Unique order lines created for different combinations of variant IDs Ecommerce - Shopping Cart

Version: 9.4.8

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
47939 Bug NavigationTemplate_path not saved to paragraph settings Integration - Framework\Customer Center
48050 Bug Password reuse doesn't work correctly no longer Users
48105 Bug Altapay Swedish payment in wrong format no longer Ecommerce - Payment
48296 Bug Meta data overriden from contentmodules when using pageviewmodel is now rendered Platform - Templates\View models
48304 Bug Ecom Provider use manual setting of primary key for searching Products Integration - Data Integration
48325 Bug Orders completed with Authorize.net provider do not get a proper state id in the end Ecommerce - Payment\AuthorizeNet
48326 Bug Orders completed with Authorize.net AIM provider do not get a proper state id in the end Ecommerce - Payment\AuthorizeNet AIM
48363 Bug Data in EcomFieldOptionTranslate not removed on deleting related option field no longer Ecommerce - Product Fields
48424 Bug String representation of order type is saved instead its numeric value Ecommerce - Orders
48432 Bug To many item pages could cause SQL exception on search Content
48500 Bug New permissions on folders in Files section is broken Users - Permissions

Version: 9.4.7

8 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
Improvement New checkbox in Settings -> Control panel -> Users - "Use impersonator for permissions"

Login as a user A
User A can impersonate B
A impersonates B and now inherits prices etc. from B
Setting this new checkbox will still give prices etc. from B, but permissions, i.e. access to a page, will be based on user A.
Users - Impersonation
46770 Bug View list of recipients in marketing newsletter can cause Server error if too many recipients Marketing - Email Marketing
47111 Bug Fixed problem where 'Move to group' doesn't work in PIM PIM
47375 Bug Not possible to add a page in an item relation list in certain circumstances has been fixed Content - Items
47808 Bug Error exception could appear when searching in file manager Files
47933 Bug CustomerCenter Favorite lists are not loaded at the first page load Ecommerce - Customer Center
47940 Bug Filters.js no longer missing in admin nupkg Platform
48048 Bug the way sql composed caused the exception, now there is no such problem Platform - Searching\Smartsearch

Version: 9.5.6

1 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
57478 Bug Unable to process Alptapay payment when sql injection is enabled has been fixed Ecommerce - Payment\AltaPay

Version: 9.4.6

11 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
40590 Bug Refresh pages urls cache after ItemProvider import Integration - Data Integration
41993 Bug Data integration table conditionals with source column that is not in the mappings doesn't work for Excel provider Integration - Data Integration
43629 Bug UserProvider: UserSecondaryRelations find user by Id first and if not found find by customer number Integration - Data Integration
43704 Bug Error creating indexes for the table AccessUserSecondaryRelation: ExecuteNonQuery: CommandText property has not been initialized Integration - Data Integration
43806 Bug Index fails if data integration jobs contain a rebuild index job that has been deleted or renamed Integration - Data Integration
47262 Bug fixed NullReferenceException exception when products index when 'HandleInheriteCategories' = true Platform - Searching\Indexing
47343 Bug The typo in the error message has been fixed. Users
47521 Bug Weighted search: Fix query for invariant culture of the datetime param Platform
47571 Bug New permissions delete page problem Users - Permissions
47609 Bug Language control new permission PIM fixed Users - Permissions
47690 Bug PIM product list can no longer give an exception, when editing multiple products from a query quickly after each other. PIM - Search and Navigation

Version: 9.4.5

1 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
46741 Bug Save versions workflow on websites works again with regular paragraphs Content - Paragraphs

Version: 9.4.4

2 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
44511 Bug Fix StripHtml from Dynamicweb.Core when html is just one symbol Content - Items
46870 Bug Password expiration - 30 days label to 20 value no longer Users

Version: 9.4.3

7 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
46084 Bug Sitemap.xml no longer includes inactive products Platform - Navigation
46423 Bug Standard Product field named "Details - Images/Links" problem when save as extended variants Ecommerce - Variants
46604 Bug UnitPrice no longer resets to 0 in certain conditions Ecommerce - Pricing
46608 Bug Fixed broken tags Platform - Templates
46629 Bug Exception no longer occurs with multiple orderlines with the same productid and variantid but with different orderlinefield values Ecommerce - Orders
46632 Bug Customer center no longer fails when OrderShippingCountrySelection or OrderPaymentCountrySelection is NULL Ecommerce - Orders
46661 Bug Email selectors work not correct in smart search rule no longer Users - Smart searches

Version: 9.4.2

6 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
46069 Bug Not possible to sort paragraph if paragraph contains an item with an itemlist field no longer Content - Paragraphs
46090 Bug Page ecom navigation dialog initialization order seems off no longer Platform - Navigation
46121 Bug fix: Copy paragraph doesn't copy Hide for phones, Hide for tables, Hide for desktops settings Content - Paragraphs
46130 Bug fixed bug: impossible to store repository query, validation message occurs. Platform - Searching\Indexing
46382 Bug Variant Group contains "/ " in image path does not allow to reopen option after save Ecommerce - Variants
46543 Bug OrderLine price no longer resets to 0 in certain conditions Ecommerce - Pricing

Version: 9.5.1

1 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
54763 Bug Ecommerce group urls are sometimes off in multi language scenarios - showing the name of the default language instead of the language in the context has been fixed Platform - Customized URLs

Version: 9.4.1

6 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
42807 Bug fix posibility to show few RTE in one page with different editors configs Content - Editor
43678 Bug Altapay -> Mobilepay option no longer sends 2 receipts Ecommerce - Payment
44399 Bug Files: Image settings - "Apply to subfolders" doesn't now sets rule to Active Files
44865 Bug Reserve when product is added to cart setting works again Ecommerce - Stock
45832 Bug Cart can no longer throw error when Frontend.CachedProducts is empty Ecommerce - Shopping Cart
49229 Bug "Save and close " no longer redirects to empty screen PIM - Product Edit mode

Version: 9.5.0

3 Customer bug(s) fixed

ID Type Description Area
47949 Bug Countries: Cannot save VAT percent with decimal value Ecommerce - Country
48065 Bug Solution report -> Purge cache doesn't do anything Settings
50961 Bug Repositories: Index build notifications not sending Platform - Searching\Indexing