Dynamicweb 8.9

Release date: 27th of September 2016

Dynamicweb 8.9 offers a new ledger / invoice functionality to enhance ERP system integration, as well as various minor additions to existing functionality - especially New Indexing and Forms for Editors.

Finally, 30 customer-bugs are fixed with this release.

Check the 8.9 Important notes and the bug fixes list before upgrade.


  • A new type of order item called ledger entries can now be imported from ERP systems, adding support for invoices, credit notes, and more.
  • Order line fields can now be assigned at a shop level
  • Price matrix rows can now be filtered, making it easier to manage solutions with many rows
  • Minor gateway and provider improvements


  • Multi-edit functionality implemented in the list of Direct Paths for a solution
  • Item based pages will remain unpublished until edited
  • Multiple Forms for Editor modules on the same page supported


  • The Forms submit can now automatically add new newsletter subscribers to your system
  • Send automated receipt emails to all new users added in User Management
  • .Custom address fields implemented for users
  • Improved frontend user creation workflow


  • New indexing: Parameter data type available in facets loop, index only active products, email notifications after indexing, custom stop words list for Lucene implemented
  • Performance: 404 page only rendered for true pages, all item types can now be cached, options rendering optimized in Forms for Editors

Forms for editors: Supporting signing up to email marketing/users using the form.


You can signup an email marketing recipient directly through the forms for editors submit.

Query publisher should be in all solution types and removed from beta


The Query publisher module is out of beta

Make item lists cachable (named and relationlists)


Item lists are now cachable for increased performance.

Remove admin/administrator permissions on SSL settings on a page+area

Page Properties

It is no longer necessary to be admin or higher to set / remove SSL on a page or website

Sending a receipt email to users when creating a user

User Management

It is now possible to send a confirmation email to the new user. In the module settings for the Extranet module we have implemented a new section called "User notificaiton e-mail". When the new user is created, an email is sent to the user (if they have included an email address) after creation. If approval is enabled: An admin notification e-mail is sent right away after creation. An user confirmation e-mail is sent to the user right away after creation - when user approval is selected. An user notification e-mail is sent to the user after approval - when either user approval OR admin approval is selected in settings.

Improve user creation workflow

User Management

It is now possible to create a user even if you are already subscribed to a newsletter. A new checkbox "Update exising users based on email match" is now available in module settings for the Extranet module (in "Create user" settings) and in the Shopping cart (when "Create user during checkout" is enabled). When "Update exising users based on email match" is checked the system now checks if the email already exists. If the email exists in User Mangement, it updates the user profile with the content from the new user creation. If the email doesn't exist it creates a new user. This means that it is now possible to create a user even if you are already subscribed to a newsletter and possible to subscribe to a newsletter as an existing user.

Country dropdown on users

User Management

On an user and on the related addresses, a new field "Billing/Shipping country" is added. This field lists all available countries (cultureinfo list of countries). When the user is logged in the selected country in "Billing/Shipping country" is preselected in e.g. the shopping cart as delivery and billing country and the VAT is calculated based on the VAT settings for the selected country. In the extranet module new tags and loops are available in order to be able to list all available countries (for select fields) and information about the selected country.

Address custom fields

User Management

Custom fields implenmented for user adress list.

Default orderline fields pr. shop

Ecommerce - Order Line Fields

The possibility added to choose default orderline fields pr. shop, and not only pr. product group.

Add Customer Country to BBS

Ecommerce - Payment\BBS

Customer Country is now a part of the autopost from the BBS (Netaxept) Checkout Handler.

Hide DIBS Payment Window

Ecommerce - Payment\DIBS

DIBS payment window has been deprecated and removed from the list when setting up a new payment provider.

Search in prices

Ecommerce - Pricing

It is now possible to find a specific price using a filter search with various search parameters - similar to the order filter.

GroupID as parameter in image patterns

Ecommerce - Product Catalog

GroupID has been added as a valid parameter in image patterns

Product fields marked ReadOnly should optionally apply for admin and administrator

Ecommerce - Products

You can now let the customization of visible fields on prodcuts apply for both admin and administrator.

Boundary level

Ecommerce - Taxes\Avalara

We have made it possible to select what level of boundary (strickness of address validation) that you want to use for the Avalara Taxprovider. A new radio button list called “Boundary level” as added to the Avalara settings with these options: - Address (an exact address i required) - Zip9 (zip with 5+4 digits is required) - Zip5 (zip is required)

Improve SendMail() in BatchIntegrationScheduledTaskAddin

Integration - Data Integration

New tag Ecom:DataIntegration.ScheduledActivity.MessageType

URLBuilder/Jobrunner should not be limited to 255 characters

Integration - Data Integration

Integration URL Builder is no longer limited to 256 charactersIntegration URL Builder is no longer limited to 256 characters

Change the preheader html

Online Marketing - E-mail Marketing

Improving preheader markup according to https://www.emailonacid.com/blog/article/email-development/tips-for-coding-email-preheaders

Only do a 404 if page ends on .aspx or "nothing"

Platform - Platform

GetImage has been optimized to only give a 404 if needed thus increasing performance

Support for Access database is being phased out

Platform - Access (db)

Support for Access database is being phased out. We strongly recommend upgrading to SQL before upgrading to Dynamicweb 8.9.

Add a new field containing all the variant options for a product where the variant is in stock.

Platform - New Indexing

Looks in stock matrix and stock field for variant to determine if the variant is in stock.

Indexing email notifications

Platform - New Indexing

It is now possiblw to send notifications out if an error occurs in the building of an index.

Add image fields for products in the new index

Platform - New Indexing

Image fields added to the index.

Index only active products

Platform - New Indexing

Added an option to only index active products: OnlyIndexActiveProducts=true.