Dynamicweb 8.7.2

Release date: 25th November 2015

Check the 8.7.2 Important notes and bug fixes list before upgrade.

A small service release focusing on Ecommerce performance up to the holiday season.  Dynamicweb 8.7.2 offers performance improvements for sites with many variants. This means that Ecommerce pages are displayed faster and that your website can handle more visitors if the webshop uses products with variants.

Feature list

Ability to use user with encrypted password in link should be added


Now possible to login via querystring for users with encrypted password Format is ?Username=username&PwToken=Token Token is generated by md5 hashing (password/hash & "DwSecret")

Add submit ID to list of submits

Forms for editors

Submission id is now included in forms for editors form data view

Add a editable text for the receipt template like for mails

Forms for editors

You can now enter a text for use in receipt emails similar to how you can in form emails <!--@Submit.ReceiptTemplateText--> is new tag in the receipt template.

Add a second sorting parameter for item publisher

Item publisher

On the item publisher paragraph settings, you are now able to define a second sort order.

Improve Icons for Dropdown lists


New parameters for item fields of type Dropdown.

User groups as item field


A new item field where you can select a user (like the product item field). When editing an user item in the frontend (using Item publisher or Item creator) the field is not rendered.

Print out a message if @TemplateTags is in templates


If @TemplateTags() has been left in any Razor template, the template will now print out that it contains @TemplateTags, which it should not due to performance. Even if the @TemplateTags() is commented out in Razor, it still poses a problem: I.e. @*/@TemplateTags()*/ will not print the tags, but will still invoke that Tagexists returns true which gives a performance overhead.. So if that is present in a razor template, Dynamicweb will add the warning "TemplateTags() in code ({0}). Remove before going live..." printed out in the browser. {0} will be the template name

Automatically add translation keys to translation.xml


When using a @Translate tag or the Translate method in Razor, and the provided key does not exist in the translation file, the key is now added to the XML file - with the specified default value if specified (Only new translations method). The keys are added to the translations.xml in the designs folder when the frontend pages are loaded.

Pasword recovery based on username

User Management

Password recovery in extranet module login mode now supports recovery based on username

AddToFavorites overload that takes a userid.

Ecommerce - Customer Center

AddToFavorites overload that takes a userid has been added

Add score to result document

Ecommerce - Indexing

A score from Lucene is now part of the query publisher output.

Recurring order templates

Ecommerce - Orders\Recurring orders

Recurring orders are now based on "template orders" that are placed in a "Recurring orders" node in Ecommerce when created. Recurring orders is implemented with the Stripe payment provider together with the Saved card functionality. When a recurring order is created in frontend, an order template is created in "Recurring orders". The first real order and the following recurring orders are based on this order template. When the scheduled task for recurring orders runs (default is every 1 hour) and start date is reached, the actuel orders are recalculated and created (and e-mailed - if setup). Recurring orders requires a reference to a credit card and automatically saves the credit card token in the AccessUserCard table when the order template is submitted. The default templates, InformationRecurringOrders and ReceiptRecurringOrders, are updated with Start date fields. A new default template InformationSavedCardsAndRecurring with Saved card and Recurring orders functionlity is added.

Event log viewer under the Recurring orders node

Ecommerce - Orders\Recurring orders

In order to get an overview over failed recurring orders an event log viewer is created in Ecommerce - Recurring orders - Log.

Tags for recurring order type

Ecommerce - Orders\Recurring orders

2 new tags are available in the order receipts: Ecom:Order.IsRecurringOrder and Ecom:Order.IsBasedOnRecurringOrder in order to differentiate the receipts for an "order template"/subscription and the acual order, that are sent when the recurring order is created.

Stripe Checkout Handler

Ecommerce - Payment\Stripe

New checkout handler - mainly for the US market - is implemented in Stripe Checkout is an embeddable payment form for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works within your site -customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction. With Stripe Checkout it is possible for returning customers to save credit cards and use them later without re-entering their card number.

Error logging

Ecommerce - Saved cards

When using a saved card, we now save validation errors and messages that we have received from the payment gateway, to help the user when administering cards. The errors/messages are listed in the Saved card section in User Management or in Customer Center.

Saved card with recurring payment with Stripe

Ecommerce - Saved cards

Saved card and Recurring orders are now implemented with the payment provider Stripe.

Possible to set a Default card.

Ecommerce - Saved cards

In the Saved card sections in User Management and in Customer Center, it is now possible to define a default card. A default card is preselected in the payment step in the checkout flow.

Add an image field for a shipping method

Ecommerce - Shipping

You can select an image as icon for a shipping method and use it in frontend with Ecom:Cart.Shippingmethod.Icon Ecom:Cart.Shippingmethod.Icon.Clean

Add possibility to merge anonymous cart with saved cart when logging in on the website.

Ecommerce - Shopping Cart v2

We have added the option of merging the anonymous cart content with the cart saved on the user when logging in.

Modernize variant group and options UI.

Ecommerce - Variants

The UI for making variant groups in the management center has been modernized to be more inline with the rest of the system.

Remove C5 node from management center-> integration

Integration - Integration

The old C5 module has been deprecated and no longer appears in the module list.

UserProvider: if the "groups" string of a user is too long for the DW template, output this information in the log file.

Integration - Data Integration

If you try to import users through the userprovider with a longer groups string than allowed by the db scheme the log will tell you precisely what's wrong

DynamicwebConnector (and ErpServiceCaller): Improve error message when Secret is empty

Integration - Framework

Error message when Secret is empty or invalid has been improved

Social media publishing for News V2 items

Online Marketing - Social media publishing

It is now possible to share news with Social Media publishing.

Support for Access database is being phased out

Platform - Access (db)

Support for Access database is being phased out. We strongly recommend upgrading to SQL before upgrading to Dynamicweb 8.7.1.

Add new properties to the index so it can be used to group variant groups

Platform - New Indexing

Variant groups now groupable by using new field in New Indexing.